Do You Want To Raise A Successful Child? The Key Is In This Parenting Style

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Dr. Aparna Bose
2 years ago
Raising A Successful Child


‘The way we talk to our children, becomes their inner voice.’

-Peggy O’Mara


The exemplary definition for parenting had always been conflicting as there is no thumb rule for the same. We all wish to raise a triumphant and a compassionate child by adapting virtues from our elders or peers and following our inner instincts. Whichever rule we follow for bringing up our children, it’s predominant to balance the priorities, juggle the responsibilities and aptly flip between the needs of our children, family members and ourselves.

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Extensive research on effective parenting style had suggested that the authoritative style is the most preferred one. The outcomes are a self-reliant child with high self-esteem. This is achieved by maintaining a balance between firmness and nurturance. Children brought up through the suggested style may excel academically; have sound mental health and are givers rather than mere takers.

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The ideology includes reasonable demands and high responsiveness from both the counterparts. Authoritative parents believe in laying lucid goals for their wards and provide them with limitless resources and support for achieving these goals. Such parents are ardent listeners to their kids, provide warmth and unconditional love in addition to fair discipline and required limits. This includes positive reinforcement and a healthy ambience in the household.


Wishing you good luck in raising your little one well!


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