How to Build a Strong Relationship With your Child While Being a Working Mother

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Riya Pathak
2 years ago
How to Build a Strong Relationship With your Child While Being a Working Mother

A child bonds with their mother way before they open their eyes to the world outside. Their special connection cannot be replaced by any other relationship in life. 


Working mom


Whether it’s working or a stay-at-home mom, they share an equal amount of love with their children. But society often misperceives a working mother of being selfish than actually someone who has the equal capacity to take really good care of her children. 


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Does being a working mother affect your relationship with the child?


Relation with kids


To be honest it just has positive effects for me. Because when I come home after work I spend maximum time with my daughter. I give her undivided attention which I couldn’t all day long. I believe quality over quantity for sure. Moreover, I think every child whose mother is a working woman needs to accept this idea from a young age so that they don’t have any problems later in life.


How do you maintain a work-life balance?


Work-life balance


Well, I have a really simple formula for this; never mix professional and personal life. Once I'm home from work I forget about work stressors. What worked for me is to plan well in advance. I plan days in the week so that I know what's important and what is not. Moreover giving attention to what is important is the key ingredient to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


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Do you feel there exists a double standard that a father doesn’t have to face but a mother inevitably faces when they rejoin her career?

Yes, I have faced a lot of looks and expressions when I told people that I am going to rejoin work after the birth of my daughter. So this legit prevails in our society, they are biased towards fathers. Women are presumed to take care of their kids, leaving their careers. But I believe it's absolutely fine to pursue your dream and there is nothing selfish about it.


How to make the transition from stay-at-home mom to working mom smoother?


Stay at home to working


First of all, you should be prepared mentally. This is a gradual process, you cant just leave suddenly one day to work, leaving your kid. In the beginning, you can start by identifying someone in the family who can take care of your child properly. If you don’t live in a joint family, talk to your husband about how you both can manage, if there is no solution, go for a reliable nanny. Call her 2-3 months before rejoining the job. Train her well, make her do tasks which she must know how to take care of in your absence. This way baby would be more accustomed to the nanny and you can one day leave to work without any stress. 


Are there any Disadvantages of the working mother?


Working mom


To be honest, there is no such disadvantage except one that is the way people perceive working mothers. They look down upon such mothers and make them feel that they are being selfish. But to be honest, no mom can be selfish ever. They always think for their child first, so it's highly advised to follow one’s passion more than other people's opinions.


Are working moms happier than stay-at-home moms?

No, I believe happiness is subjective. Some people might like going out to the cinema for movies and some might find happiness in staying home and watching Netflix. So  I don’t think we can compare both the situations here, they can be happy in whatever life they choose for themselves.


Final messages and advice!

Respect everyone’s decision and please don’t look down upon any mom whether she is working or a housewife. Every mother knows what's best for her child and they all are doing an equally great job.

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