Ways to go Eco-Friendly this Festive Season

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how to celebrate eco friendly diwali

Deepavali, more commonly referred to as ‘Diwali’ is the most awaited festival in most Hindu house-hold across the country. Traditionally, this festival is celebrated by lighting lamps and diyas, making and sharing sweets, exchanging gifts, and more importantly, by spending time with our loved ones. 

However, in recent times, we have forgotten the true meaning of this festival. As we celebrate in full glory, we see ourselves spending, shopping and wasting more than we normally would. The auspicious occasion of Diwali and Bhai Dooj has started to largely impact our environment negatively. 

As parents, you not only should be aware of this, but you should also teach your kids the true meaning behind celebrating this festival and encourage them to celebrate it in a way that will not harm our surroundings. This festive season, try to go eco-friendly!


In this article, we will discuss some creative yet easy ways you can go eco-friendly this Diwali.

Switch to oil diyas and LED lights

Switch to oil diyas and LED lights Eco friendly festivals

Diyas are made with earth-friendly materials and can be used multiple times. Candles, on the other hand, are petroleum-based and release toxins as they burn, affecting the quality of air surrounding. As parents, you should cultivate the habit of lighting diyas in your child when they are young. To involve them in the housel-hold festivities, ask them to light the diyas and place them where they wish to!
Also, instead of using regular lighting, use LED lights as they use 80 % less energy and come in different colours as well. One creative way of getting your child to do some festive activities and help around is by some DIY craft time! Look for easy DIY lamps that you can make at home with your child. This will not only keep them occupied but will also increase your parent-child bonding when you do these activities together!


Make natural Rangoli

Make natural Rangoli Eco-friendly festivals

In earlier times, Rangolis were made with rice and pulses, a way of sharing food with insects and birds. Today, we use rangolis simply as a means of decorating our houses with beautiful colours. This festive season, go eco-friendly with your rangoli by using rice and dals instead of synthetic colours. You can use flowers to make gorgeous and fragrant rangolis as well. This can be a very interesting activity for your kids as well! If you must use colours, use natural, eco-friendly colours. 


Say NO to Crackers

eco friendly crackers

The most harmful part of this festive season is undoubtedly the fire-crackers and fireworks which kids tend to enjoy the most. Although there have been many eco-friendly crackers that have been introduced in the market, going eco-friendly this festival should include completely omitting the bursting of fire-crackers altogether. Explain to your child the extent to which fire-crackers cause air pollution, even the eco-friendly crackers. Take your children on nature walks in the evening, and instead of bursting crackers, light sky lanterns on the terrace or in an open space.


Go Organic with your gifts Eco-friendly festivals

eco friendly packaging and gifts

During Diwali and Bhai Dooj, we express our love for others by exchanging gifts. More often than not, these gifts are materialistic and not at all eco-friendly. Children especially, always expect sweets and chocolates during the festive season. Switch it up this Diwali by gifting organic products such as organic soaps, organic teas and more to your family. Gift organic home-made sweets and chocolates to your kids this Diwali!


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Notch- up your Crockery Game! Eco-friendly festivals

notch- up your crockery game 

Diwali is usually the time most women like to shop for new crockery and cutlery and stock up on beautiful dinner sets for the entire year. Although glass and ceramic plates look aesthetically pleasing, they aren’t the most eco-friendly. Instead of hoarding onto another set of dinner plates, try serving delicious meals on a banana leaf this Diwali instead! Apart from the health benefits of eating out of a banana leaf, it is also good for the environment and hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about doing the dishes the festive season and can spend more time with your family! Also, it can be very intriguing for your kids to use a banana leaf as a plate as well!


These are some ways you can go eco-friendly this festive season and do yourself and the environment a favour. Also, do not forget to explain the importance of an eco-friendly way of life to your child and encourage them to adopt this lifestyle at a young age!

This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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