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Diwali leads a season of festivals that brings with it various traditions that brings a family closer. From decorating the house in Diwali to gifting presents to your loved ones in bhai dooj, the festival brings various opportunities to show your artistic talents. 


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Decorate your house and prepare gifts for your brother this bhai dooj with these amazing and presentable DIY ideas.

Bangle Candle Holders

diy diwali Ideas bangle candle

With simple glue and old bangles, these bangle-holders turn out to be extremely attractive and pleasant for home decor. Bangle holders are very easy and cheap to make that your kids will enjoy making. 


Homemade rangoli powder

diy bhai dooj idea homemade rangoli

Rangoli powder is a must for Diwali season. A beautiful rangoli brings a shine in the house. And homemade rangoli powder would make your Diwali colourful as well as eco friendly. Rangoli Powders are traditionally made from rice flour and is now made from chalk, rock powder or sand. 

To make it at home mix Rice Flour, Candy Colors and Salt to make the most wholesome rangoli to celebrate. 


Glycerine Soap, Gem Stones

glycerine soap, gem stones diy bhai dooj idea

With the festive season, inviting friends and family over becomes frequent. For that, glycerine soap gemstones become a perfect attraction and an amazing DIY try for you and your kids to try!

Just pick some glycerine soaps and cut them intro gem shapes and decorate them in the bathrooms for guests to see. 


Paper cup Lights

paper cup lights diy bhai dooj idea

Diwali lights, as well as they look good outside the house, should brighten the insides too. And paper cup lights would make the best supplement to decorate the house with lights! 

All you need to do is wrap paper cups with decorative papers of your choice. Make a small slit on the bottom of the cup and put a light bulb in. Do it for multiple cups to make a garland and decorate your house!


Hidden bottle

hidden bottle diy bhai dooj idea

Wrap your kids’ siblings’ favourite drink with a shirt sleeve and decorate it with ribbons to make it look beautiful and attractive. 


Reminiscing Lamps

reminiscing lamps diy bhai dooj idea

Take out all the old photograph rolls from the old camera you used decades before and post the roll on a bright lamp. Make sure to put all the beautiful pictures of your kids together. 


DIY ideas will not only be an expression of your love but will also save you from buying untrustworthy things and risk your health in this pandemic. Make sure to make use of these DIY for bhai dooj and Diwali ideas and celebrate the festival of lights with something of your own.  

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