How Ezyschooling is Transforming School Admission Process

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Rhythm Mehrok
8 months ago
Transforming School Admission Process

Finding the right school that meets all of your criteria, understanding the school admission process, keeping track of all the dates and documents, preparing your child for entrance exams or interviews, finally securing a seat, and preparing for the school year are all part of the process. The school admission process can be a difficult time for most parents. The perceived value of education has increased year by year. Schools have incorporated new courses and technology to make education more efficient and well-rounded. However, this is not the same when it comes to how parents like you approach the admission process, especially with Ezyschooling. Let us look at how Ezyschooling can help you find as well as apply to your child’s ideal school in a more effective yet, easier manner.


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What is Wrong with the Conventional Admission Process?

The conventional method of choosing and applying to schools is more energy and time-consuming. We can roughly break it into seven steps:

Conventional School Admission Process

  • Exploring: Most parents begin their journey to school admissions by finding out which schools are in their vicinity. Then they may ask their acquaintances or friends about it. Some prefer to visit each school to form an impression and collect information. Depending upon the area, this process could take a week or two. 

  • Shortlisting: After gathering a sufficient amount of information, parents compare schools on various criteria. These may range from infrastructure, fee structure, and quality of teaching to extracurriculars, background, and nature of other students, etc. At this point, many parents visit the shortlisted schools once again to confirm their choices. This step could take up to a week. 
  • Application: Once parents become sure of the schools they like, they may enquire about the admission process. This involves going to or calling the office and getting admission forms. Since the information entered on admission forms gets fed into the system, it is important to fill out these forms carefully. It may take a few days to cross-check relevant details and fill in the form. Once filled out, the forms would need to be submitted to the office.
  • Additional Processes: The application process does not end with simply submitting the admission form. Supporting documents like copies of identity proof, address proof, previous mark sheets, caste certificates, etc are often required with the admission form. These documents add credibility to your application and increase your chances of getting a seat. Certain grades tend to have additional admission criteria such as entrance tests or interviews. Preparing and appearing for these can also take a while. 
  • Fee Payments: Applying to schools incurs an admission fee. This is all the more true in the case of additional requirements like entrance tests etc. Paying this is necessary to add legitimacy to your application. 
  • Response: Once you are done with all the previous steps, you may need to wait for a week or two before the school releases a merit list. While not all schools have a fixed date for this step in advance, you can ask the office for a tentative period for your convenience. 
  • Finalising Enrolment: Once your child gets into a good school, you can finalize the enrolment by paying the fees or completing any remaining procedures as intimated by the office.

While getting your child admitted to a school is merely the beginning of the journey to come, the school admission process can be rather tiring. The conventional method requires you to go to and from school. This might not be possible for many busy parents with additional responsibilities. As a result, you might find yourself missing deadlines, or documents, or being too overwhelmed.

An easy alternative to this cumbersome procedure is Ezyschooling. Read on to find out.


How can Ezyschooling improve the school admission process?

Ezyschooling is an admissions-oriented platform with a directory of schools across the country. It allows parents to conveniently browse and find the best schools around them. Not only can you find schools but also find detailed information regarding them, such as fee structures, contact details, admission deadlines, facilities offered, and more. 

Ezyschooling’s nifty admission forum and news sections can help you find additional information about schools in your vicinity. Ezyschooling aims at bringing convenience, guidance, and accessibility to the admission process. With our features, you can even book consultations with our counsellors regarding the school admission process and more. 

Ezyschooling School Admission Process

The icing on the cake is that Ezyschooling allows you to directly apply to various schools with just a few clicks on our website. 

The ways in which Ezyschooling can help make the admission process better for schools are:

  • Explore: Using Ezyschooling’s location filters, you can find various schools around you with just a few clicks. Among these, you can filter further to fit your budget, board, grade, etc. to find the best possible schools. With everything considered, it should take you merely a few hours to shortlist the best schools around you. 
  • Apply: Ezyschooling allows you to apply to our partner schools online, in the comfort of your home. Find out the important dates for admission and apply online. You can apply to multiple schools with just one form. While this step would have taken a few days conventionally, with Ezyschooling you can get it done in less than an hour. 
  • Additional Processes: The conventional system involves running to and from different schools to submit the necessary documents. However, on Ezyschooling, you can just scan and upload all the important papers. The entire paperwork can be finished in just a few minutes. 
  • Fee Payments: The convenience offered by Ezyschooling extends to application fee payments as well. Using our portal, you can make a single payment for application fees for multiple schools. Ezyschooling supports real-time payment options, which means that the amount you pay will be received by the schools instantly. 
  • Real-time Applications: With Ezyschooling, your admission applications will be collected by all the concerned schools immediately. Even if you submit on the last day, we have got your application covered. 
  • Track Response: Your Ezyschooling dashboard keeps track of all the applications you submit. Once you are done with the application process, you can take a look at the dashboard to keep an eye on the status of all your applications in one place. 
  • Enrolment: When your application is approved, you can contact the school to finalize enrolment and prepare for the new academic year.

Our website can help you secure admissions to preschool through senior secondary classes. Ezyschooling is not just limited to admissions. We intend to be a helping hand to all parents on a beautiful journey of raising their children. We have expert articles and other features for you to look forward to even after you successfully get admission to your ideal school. No matter what your concern is, you can always count on us!

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