Top Twelve traffic rules every kid should know

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Anjali Chaudhary
3 years ago
child should know traffic rule

In today’s fast-paced world, it is important to equip your child with a sense of road safety. Indian roads are known to be full of reckless drivers. So, if you want to be worry-free when your child goes out with other adults or their friends, teach them the importance of road safety. 

Here are the top 12 things you must make them aware about:

  1. Traffic signals: Teach them the meaning of important traffic signals:

    • Red light means stop

    • Green light means go

    • Orange light means ready to go

    • When the walking man signal is red, they need to stop. When it is green, they can walk. 

    • Any other traffic signs commonly prevalent in your city

  2. Crossing the road: Before crossing the road, make sure to look on both sides of the road to ensure there are no approaching vehicles. If there are vehicles approaching, then always wait for them to pass before crossing the road. Never ever cross in a hurry no matter what the rush is. Look left, look right before crossing. 

  3. Zebra crossing: Explain to your child the purpose of a zebra crossing. Always use the zebra crossing to cross the road. 

  4. Use your ears: When standing at bends of a road, always listen for the sound of a horn. Vehicles will honk to signal their approach at bends of a road. 

  5. Blind spots: Educate them about blind spots. They should never cross the road at bends and curves. Drivers may not always honk at bends and a walking pedestrian can be put at risk by the sudden arrival of a vehicle.  Always cross the road from a safe spot, preferably from a zebra crossing if there is one on the road. 

  6. Use the pavement/footpath: When walking along a road, use the pavement to avoid getting hit by passing vehicles. Practice this even when the road is empty. 

  7. Hold an adult’s hand: For young children, make sure to teach them that they need to cross the road only holding an adult’s hand. Whether they are going out with their parents, nanny, other relatives or friends. Always ensure they hold onto the adult accompanying them. 

  8. Never run on the road: Explain to your child why running on the road can be risky. Ensure they understand the importance of being wary of moving vehicles. Playgrounds are for running freely, roads are not. 

  9. Inside a vehicle:

    • Never put out your hands or head out of the vehicle. Explain how passing vehicles can cause serious injuries if this is done.

    • Never stand inside a moving vehicle. 

    • Ensure that little ones are always placed in a car seat, especially during long journeys. 

  10. Cycling safety: Always wear a helmet while cycling, even if within your own apartment or society. Be aware of other vehicles around while riding. 

  11. At the parking lot: 

    • Never stand too close to a vehicle. Sometimes the driver may not have noticed someone standing nearby, especially young kids. If the vehicle starts suddenly, it could prove dangerous. 

    • Never stand behind a vehicle. Sudden backing by the driver could prove to be dangerous. 

  12. Gadgets: Never use gadgets while walking on the road:  Older children especially need to be aware of this. Play games, watch videos, take selfies in the safety of your home. Never on the road. 

Remember that children learn by emulating adults. So, it is not only important to teach them the above points but to also be the example they will be following. Make sure you never use your phone on the road or while driving, always use the pavement and zebra crossing, and follow traffic rules. If your child sees you following these, he/she will automatically follow. 


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