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10 months ago
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Christmas family meal

2020 was quite an eventful year. There were bad times and good times throughout, sometimes bad days weighing out the good days. Most of all, the best thing that happened in 2020 was the increased amount of time that we had to spend at home, the quality time that we got to spend with our families; we can all easily agree on that. Although we already spent much time with our families this year, it was a lot less fun and more stressful because of the continuous pile of work-from-home stuff that we had to take care of.

Now, as 2020 is finally nearing an end, the holiday season is just around the corner. And you know what this means right? We have a great deal of fun to look forward to with our friends and family, given that the situation outside is nearing normalcy now. Also, it’s never too bad to indulge in a festive spirit by forgetting all our woes.


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The best thing about festivals and the holidays, especially Christmas is that every part of it can be fun, be it waking up in a cheery mood or falling asleep listening to sweet stories. Why even the simple act of a family eating together or a family eating dinner can be fun at Christmas.

Here are some tips that you can use to make family mealtimes fun and healthy mealtimes.

  • Fun Cooking Sessions: Hold fun family cooking sessions before mealtime. This doesn’t necessarily have to be preparing the main course but even the starters or dessert. You can also make teams and pit them against the other in a competition.  A reward can also be introduced to make it more fun and exciting. You can also throw in a healthy element as a necessary element to be used to make everyone realize the importance of healthy eating for families.

Fun Cooking Sessions on christmas

  • Introduce Table Games: When you feel that coming together for just a dinner does not feel much excitement for the kids, throw in some table games for kids to spice things up a little. Maybe you can bring back a game that your kids enjoyed as younger but gave up as they grew up or a game that the grownups enjoyed playing when they were kids. This can be a great way of bonding with the family as a whole.
  • Picnics and Outings: Who doesn’t love eating out? Be it picnics or dining out at restaurants, eating out is always our guilty pleasure. But this year, eating out was seldom an option. But the years not over yet, you can still make up for all the lost time, by having a lavish and fun outing with your family. You can play games outside, go on road trips and spend more quality time with your family. Maybe you can also take part in some of the fun Christmas events happening all around. And who knows, you might also win one of those.
  • Movie Marathons: Movie Marathons can never go wrong. Be it chilling with friends or rekindling your bond with your family, movie marathons are always there at your rescue. For once, you can set up your dining table in front of your TVs and enjoy some good time. Watch your kids’ childhood favourites, introduce them to yours. You can also hold fun trivia games after finishing up a movie. This will ensure that everyone’s hooked onto that television set. You can also drown in some Christmas movies to keep the holiday spirit alive.

Movie Marathons with kids

  • Old Pictures and Videos: Looking into old albums and browsing through old videos always make our heart full. Do that together with your family. Go through old pictures and videos at family mealtime, maybe play an entourage of the cute old videos to keep some fun discussion going at mealtimes. While you are at it, also remember to take videos of the toddlers at your family meal to use this idea again in the future.

Old Pictures and Videos

See, a family eating together can be very fun. Everything can be fun when you are with your family; you just need some fun tips up your sleeve.

Merry Christmas!

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