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Secret Santa

Christmas is one of the popular festivals that are celebrated in India. Christmas is a festival of joy and celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The festival, though not native to India, has already gained popularity in the country and is widely celebrated by people from all walks of life. Christmas also means sharing and caring for others so that everyone can join in the fun and happiness that the festival brings.

One very interesting and enjoyable aspect of Christmas is gift-giving and receiving from loved ones. Santa Claus is a figure associated with Christmas who is said to bring gifts to children on Christmas eve. This tradition is also widely observed by people all over the world.

So, how can you participate in this tradition and bring joy to people? Organising a Secret Santa drive can be the answer to this question. Secret Santa Drives are quite popular among children and adults alike. It means sending a gift to someone without letting them know who has sent it to them. It can be a very fun and fulfilling experience for people to see others express happiness on receiving unexpected gifts. Here are some tips which will help you organise the perfect Secret Santa Drive this Christmas.


Planning the Drive

The first and foremost task that requires your attention is to decide the list of people who you want to send a gift. Here are some ideas to help you

Planning secret santa drive


Parents are always the ones who bring gifts to their children. This one time you can give them something that and surprise them this Christmas. Buy some gifts of your choice and leave them in the house when they are unaware. It is guaranteed to make them smile when they find gifts addressed to them on Christmas.

Relatives/ Neighbours 

A lot of people are close to their extended families and would want to include them in their Secret Santa Drive. You can make a list of people and buy small gifts for them and mail it to their address. You can also take the help of your parents to distribute them. You can also include your neighbours on this list and leave small gifts for them with the help of your parents.


Children and teenagers love to exchange and receive gifts on Christmas. You can make a list of friends who you want to send a gift and start looking for small thoughtful gifts that they make like. Send it to them by post or ask their parents for help to drop the gifts at their place.

Local Orphanages/Homeless Shelters

Christmas means sharing and bringing joy to others. There are many people and children who do not have family or friends to bring them gifts for Christmas. You can take the initiative to bring them gifts and make their Christmas special. You can organise a drive to your local orphanage or homeless shelters to distribute small gifts and help them have a merry Christmas. You can ask your parents, relatives, friends and neighbours to help you set up a fund and buy their gifts.


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Budgeting and Gifting Ideas

Gifting does not have to be an expensive affair. You can find a large number of gifts within your budget that will be useful for everyone. It is important to understand that it is the effort and thought that counts. Here are some gifting ideas that will help you find something within your budget. You can choose one or many depending on your set budget and means.


Christmas snacks

Snacks are something everyone will enjoy having. You can select small snack items like biscuit packs, chocolate, cupcakes, other bakery items like cookies, and so on. You can take the help of your parents to even make some at home. This will cost you a very small amount.


Stationary for kids

For students and friends of the same age group, you can give them small stationery items. They can be notebooks, diaries, pens and pencils, cute erasers, bookmarks, cards and colourful envelopes. You can even make some bookmarks, envelopes and cards at home all by yourself.

Small Cloth Items

Winter clothing

Winter season means lots of small woollen items like gloves and socks. You can choose a gift for your parents, relatives and friends from a variety of these small winter wear like scarves, mufflers, colourful socks, hats, mittens and such. Handkerchiefs can also be a nice gift within budget. Some of them can be a little more expensive so it is advisable to take help from parents.

Toys and Games

Toys for kids

One might think that toys and games can be expensive to get. However, there are some options that can be cheap and readily available for purchase. Board games like ludo, Uno, cards, business, chess, scramble, etc. can be readily available in the market. Other toys for toddlers and children can also be found at a cheap price in local shops.


Some things to remember

  • Gifts do not have to be expensive. It is the thought that counts
  • Try buying from local shops as they will be cheap. Gifts do not have to be branded or bought from malls and online websites.
  • Add a handwritten note with your gifts to add a personal touch.
  • Handmade gifts can be easily made at home. Try going for them as they will be cheap but more appreciated.
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