Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Gifts for Christmas

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2 years ago
Christmas Gifts

Another year is coming to an end. Correction, a very eventful year is finally coming to an end. And as we are gearing up to step into the New Year, we also have Christmas around the corner. The holiday spirit is slowly starting to set in and trust me; a little holiday cheer never harmed anybody.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s already the third week of December and the festival is less than ten days ahead. It’s time to stock up on gifts; it’s time to be your loved ones’ Santa. But, it’s never too late to get into the holiday spirit. So if you aren’t stocked up on gifts yet, worry not! We are here to help you explore your craft skills and gift your loved ones a gift made of love, a gift made by you.


DIY gifts for children

Children love receiving gifts, no matter what it is. So they are going to be pretty bummed if they spend Christmas without receiving any gifts from their ‘Santa’. So here are some do-it-yourself gifts that will make both you and your child’s Christmas a merry one.

Handmade Superhero Capes

Handmade Superhero Capes

Who doesn’t like to have their own Superhero capes? Here’s how you can make you kid adorn one too, and that too within a budget.

  1. Take a cute flannel cloth resembling the superhero that they like and fold it into a rectangle. Flannel is the right choice for this DIY because flannel does not fray and that makes it easier to be used in a no-sew project.
  2. Fold the cloth in half and cut a little half-circle out of it for their neck. 
  3. Draw a line from the end of the half to the corner of the rectangle.
  4. Just cut along with it and remember to use the scissors on both sides at the same time. Hola! The superhero cape shape has been created.
  5. Now just open it up and glue a quarter of the cloth to the insides.
  6. For the necktie, cut a long piece of cloth and paste it inwards. Attach the necktie to the insides of the cape to complete the look.

Princess Crown

Princess Crown

Every girl that likes reading fairy tales or watch princess movies, desires to dress up like her favourite characters one day. It’s time to make that dream come true with your craft skills.

  1. Measure your child’s head and take the appropriate amount of lace.
  2. Glue both the ends of the lace together to make it look like a crown.
  3. Wait for it to dry and then dip it in plain liquid starch for some time.
  4. Let in dry over a bowl or something of that sort to make sure that we attain the proper shape of the crown. 
  5. Once it dries up, decorate the crown with some spray paint to give it an authentic look.


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Christmas DIYs for kids to do

The Christmas spirit makes it the perfect time to teach children about the importance of giving gifts. It is the right time to speak to them about the tradition of giving gifts and how it helps. Many times we also see kids wanting to exchange gifts with friends because they see their parent and other adults do so. So here we are with some very easy DIYs to help your kids out and sink in the spirit of gift-giving.

Tassel Neckpiece


Who doesn’t love a cute and quirky neckpiece? Also, it’s cuter when it’s made by a child. They just need some elastic, a plastic lace bundle and a pair of scissors.

  1. They can start with looping the elastic around the top of the plastic lace bundle.
  2. Then, trim the rolled piece to the desired length. Make more tassels like this.
  3. Now insert these tassels into the main neckpiece that you can make out of wool. You can also insert some beads to decorate the neckpiece better.
  4. Remember to knot the ends to prevent the beads and tassels from shifting. And then knot the opposite ends with an appropriate measure.

 Marker Tea Towels

 Marker Tea Towels

Who said tea towels always have to be plain and boring? Kids can always make things look cute, even marker towels. So here’s how you can help them design cute tea towels for their friends, siblings or parents. All you need is a tea towel and some permanent markers.

  1. Wash the tea towel clean and give it a quick press before handing it over to your child.
  2. Also, remember to place something protective below the towel so that the permanent markers don stain anything important. Dress the kids in old clothes and gloves and make sure that you wash their hands immediately if they come in direct contact with those markers.
  3. Now hand your kids those markers and let them mark away.
  4. Wait for 24 hours and then press the cloth again to make sure that the marker sets in and then wash it again. And Hola! Your cute little tea towel is ready.


There you go! These last-minute Christmas ideas will now save you a great deal. So don your Santa hats and get ready for gifting. Merry Christmas!

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