The Substance of Quality Education

Himangee Borah
3 months ago
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substance of quality education

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." 
                    ~ John Ruskin

Education in its essence is the preparation of one for life. Every subject and concept studied during education has a solid purpose. Every child needs to be ready for anything that life throws their way. A quality education, therefore, is a very essential one that focuses on the whole, including social, emotional, mental, physical, cognitive development of a child regardless of gender, race, ethnicity etc. And, this, quality education gives complete possibilities to prepare the child for life.


What is quality education?

Quality education requires all-round anticipation of a child by including many different subjects, sports, skills, curriculum activities etc. according to their tastes & interests. Without forgetting their initial goals of academics, it helps a Student to bloom in their favourite field of interest. Various extracurricular activities which are like an umbrella term, consisting of activities like 

Debate team
Volunteer work
Student body

are included. To be more appropriate, these activities present real-life situations based on what a student learns in the classroom. Quality education priorities that one's education has to have equal parts of theory and practical. 

As we acknowledge, quality education provides a solid foundation for equity in society. In other words, it covers the whole possible sphere where a student/child can grow through all-round developing education. It ensures the child's growth and development.

Language Development: by the help of these activities, this is notably obvious that students go easy with communication not by speaking only, but also by using proper gesture and body language.

Cognitive development: Various activities of a student/ child's learning, reasoning, understanding, problem-solving, and memory skills etc can be enhanced.

Personal awareness: Basic and good habits are formed which helps a student and also later as a more responsible citizen of tomorrow.

Talent development: Most importantly, all-round developer activities play a vital role in helping a child to know their potentials and make them grow. It helps children to work on their abilities and capabilities through kindergarten to middle school in a gradual process. 

Such a school that provides all these facilities for the student's all-round development is Delhi Public School., GBN follows the motto "Service before self". The school is committed to nurturing the inherent potential of each child to create lifelong learners and future global leaders of ushering in the better social order. 

delhi public school

Various programmes are being held in Delhi Public School, GBN so that students can develop their skills such as poetry writing, scientific activities, mathematical Olympiad, robotic inventions, projects etc. so that one can know their interest. These institutes are regarded as an alliance for quality education. Again, it also provides students to progress in their creative abilities developing artistic skills like dance, musical instruments, drawing/painting etc. Karate and many more field games for physical and mental abilities are also given equal importance at DPS.

The mission of Delhi Public School, GBN is to educate, empower and enlighten their students to help them become informed, ingenious and indefatigable Indians. It tends to put students in a bunch of tough positions. Tackling those situations is what builds a students' confidence which helps a child to grow as it's a part of life's journey. By developing every sphere, quality education makes a student face anything in today's world full of competitions. To have an edge, one should be expressed in every possible way. 

delhi public school gautam buddha nagar

With the abundance of proper quality education, one can put the outcomes in positive participation in society. As we all know, the main goal of quality education is to provide the outcomes that are needed for individuals, communities &  definitely for society to prosper.

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