Emphasis on Academics and Activities for All-Round Development

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Emphasis on Academics and Activities for All-Round Development

The concept of all-round development has a wide spectrum and it is pretty vast where all necessary aspects that contribute to the growth of a student are clubbed together. In this article, we will be exploring the concept of all-round development in students. Here, we will be discussing all of the essential aspects that educational institutes need to put emphasis on. 

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Before we get into all of those essential aspects, let us first ask ourselves: 

What is All-round Development in Students?

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An all-round development in students refers to the development that involves an improvement in the growth of students and they are intellectual development, physical and mental development, social skills enhanced and ethics learnt. There is a balanced development in the personality and behaviour of students which is necessary for them to become better individuals in life. Basically, all-round development, as the name suggests refers to the growth in students where they are taught all the necessities to facilitate development that is all-round. 


Importance of All-round Development

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For an all-round development in students to flourish, there needs to be an all-round education. In other words, a curriculum initiates the very growth and improvement of students. Extracurricular activities are key factors in contributing to an all-round development of students. As students enter a sphere where they can foster new interests and learn to improve their existing skills and talents inevitably creates a bond of interest and improves their mental and physical development.

Notable points that mark the importance of all-round development:

  • Setting a Strong Foundation: A curriculum that involves the principles of integrating fruitful development in the mind of students right from a young age is necessary and meaningful. If young minds are taught the right curriculum from a young age, they inevitably learn to cope with concepts with ease when they grow older.
  • Encouraging Independent Thought: Most educational forums aim at encouraging students to make their own decisions with regard to activities they take part in or the subjects they have an interest in. This fosters independence in the students and fabricates a sense in them to behave responsibly on their own. 
  • Focus on their Ambitions: Students with a clear perception of what they learnt, under the guidance of professional instructors and having access to arts and sports efficiently, are morally inclined to be career-oriented. An all-round education for students is a prime aspect of an all-round development which all educational institutes keep in mind. 

Therefore, it is important to note that an all-round development is integrated when all-round education is formulated. Hence, now we will be looking at the essential aspects that are necessary for all-round development in students to flourish.


Laying Emphasis on Academics and Activities

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Most educational institutes understand the gravity of encouraging their students to be self-sufficient and independent in making good decisions in life and to be better individuals. Therefore, they lay huge emphasis on extra-curricular activities and physical education in their learning environment.

  • Extra-curricular Activities: Physical activities actively contribute to the physical and mental development of students. As students take part in various activities that help them keep academics at par for a little while, this generates a sense of relief in their minds from classroom learning. There arises a balance in their learning environment for ‘work’ and ‘play’ has been segregated and inevitably, there isn’t much stress imposed upon them and there isn’t too much ‘playing’ going about. Therefore, playing sports refreshes the body and mind alike, which is the best combination for promoting the overall development of students. 
  • Assuring Participation: It is more likely for a student who takes part in various activities to learn a variety of interests and tends to develop more experience and development in their personalities, for their objectives’ spectrum is wide and essentially equitable for their all-round development. Another factor to note is students and their hobbies; there are always activities introduced in schools that facilitate opportunities for students to take part in and hone their inborn skills and talents. This is critically important as students can recognise their capabilities and at the same time, help them focus on their academics tenfold. 
  • Focus of the Educational Institute: Now, let us not forget, for an all-round development to be ensured in students, schools are extremely important. They not only impart education based on books and lessons but also have their focus on providing a holistic education to their students thereby drawing the right curriculum for their students to have an all-round development. They lay emphasis on extra-curricular activities, physical education, providing the right set of materials to impart education in the best possible way, making good use of technology and offer as many opportunities to their students so that they can become better people in life. 

It is often believed that our parents were our first educators and this statement is very much agreeable. It is also from our own home do we learn all the necessary morals in life, parents make sure that their child does not fall short of their values and ethics. Therefore, parents teach their children all that is essential and this helps the child learn the necessities all the better when they start going to school. All-round development, as a foundation stone is laid from a young age and it flourishes when the child starts receiving other essential knowledge from school. 

Let us have a look at an educational institute that recognises the importance of all-round development and lays it emphasis on essential aspects to promote better development in students, i.e. Delhi International School (DIS).

DIS Dwarka: Emphasis on Academics and Other Activities for All-round Development

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Located in: Dwarka
Affiliation: CBSE
School level: Senior Secondary
Established in: 2004

Delhi International School (DIS) focuses on providing essential opportunities to the students by allowing them to make proper utilization of their skills and talents. Therein, comes the emphasis on academics and extra-curricular activities, physical education is also included in the curriculum. The creative flair of the students is recognised through their participation in various activities in the classroom and beyond the classroom. DIS aims at empowering the students to value the knowledge they have learnt and make good use of it, the school offers a staff with a high degree of professional integrity and maintains a learning environment that is conducive to optimal learning. Their curriculum is flexible so that changes can be initiated accordingly to this changing world. 


We have made a mention of the importance of all-round development in students and all of the necessary aspects that facilitates all-round development. The emphasis on curriculum and extra-curricular activities is vital in bringing about an all-round development, schools are equitably important, an environment is also a notable factor, now for students to endure a sense of learning in their lives, there is always a need by a  factor to set this ‘sense’ in motion.

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