Shaping Students as Complete Human Beings

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Abhilasha Rai
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Shaping Students as Complete Human Beings

Schooling directly impacts children’s educational achievement, numeracy, literacy, and scientific knowledge. A school education teaches a child all of the fundamentals that will help them in the future. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela, the great anti-apartheid revolutionary. Education entails far more than high grades, prestigious degrees, and a job with hefty pay packages later in life.

Today’s children are preparing to become adult citizens of tomorrow. Growth parallels our country’s future, as evidenced by the current education system’s quality. A school should inculcate curiosity in young, impressionable minds and provide them with tools to help them become better individuals.  Numerous studies have revealed that school education serves as the most effective means of character development and have demonstrated how education actually serves the purpose of character development in the lives of all people. Through this article, let's explore how schools can play a role in shaping students as complete human beings.

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Impact of School Education on Children’s Lives

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The primary responsibility of the school to its students is academic education, but the job does not end there. School education prepares children for a dynamic future.

The growth of students corresponds to the country’s future. The current quality of education in a school encourages students’ curiosity and equips them with skills to be better human beings. It is widely acknowledged that the learning process in school is very beneficial in shaping students’ personalities and the way they deal with life situations. In schools, the shift in thinking from theoretical to practical knowledge has resulted in a sea of change.

People have accepted the concept of school education as the key to well-rounded development rather than just a means to achieve financial success in life. School education should facilitate the development of a healthy thought process and groom us to be better versions of ourselves. Education, like food, clothing, and shelter, is a necessity for humans in the modern world.


Education Powers a Better World

education helps in shaping students as complete human beings

Education must foster the development of a healthy thought process and the development of our cognitive abilities. Education, along with food, clothing, and shelter, is a basic human need in today’s competitive world.

The following aspects of school education must be prioritised because they contribute significantly to the development of young minds as they enter adulthood.

  • Mental Aspect: School is the primary source of information for children. It allows them to gain knowledge in a variety of educational fields such as people, literature, history, mathematics, politics, and many others. This contributes to thought process cultivation. When one is exposed to influences from various cultural sources, his or her perspective on the world and existence broadens.
  • Physical Aspect: After conception, a child goes through various stages of physical development. While a child’s energy is limited at home, he can channel it into more sociable outlets at school. According to studies, while the child is equipped to deal with sudden bursts of energy in a familiar environment, the child learns to be at his/her best behaviour only when exposed to same-aged individuals. Furthermore, familiarity leads to taking advantage of situations, whereas the playing field is levelled in school. Furthermore, the presence of activities such as sports and crafts allows children to channel their boundless energy into something productive.
  • Social Aspect: A child’s first point of contact with others is at school. Until then, the child’s only human interactions have been with his or her parents and immediate family members. And familiarity is a breeding ground for staleness. Schools expose children not only to new ideas but also to peers their own age. This instills friendly behaviours such as empathy, friendship, participation, and assistance, which will be useful in their adulthood.
  • Overall Progress: Previously, schools were thought to be places where students could learn about historical events, solve difficult mathematical problems, and recite poems and sonnets. In today’s educational environment, a child learns to think beyond the traditional method of rote learning. They are taught to develop their own minds, and curiosity is encouraged through the flexible curriculum. The child is liberated from the shackles of mental blocks and is free to let his or her imagination run wild. The importance of imagination is heavily emphasised. Play activities and a comprehensive curriculum result in a well-developed cognitive system.

School education is the bedrock of any society. It is also heavily responsible for the general social, economic, and political growth and development of society.

Life is about learning and experiencing new things. To some extent, children can learn from their parents. However, at school, children are exposed to a variety of sources from which they can absorb vast amounts of information and develop themselves in the shadow of teachers. Schools play an important role in shaping a country’s future by facilitating the overall development of its citizens. One such school is the Suryadatta National School in Pune.

Suryadatta National School is one of the top CBSE schools in Pune. The school aspires to be a Center of Excellence in Education, utilising cutting-edge technology, where the seeds of children’s all-round development are sown at an early age. Suryadatta National School has won the Best CBSE School Award in the West Zone for the past three years in a row.

Suryadatta National School

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The folks at Suryadatta National School believe in the holistic development of students through excellent academic and physical environments, as well as the enhancement of their social, emotional, and mental health, which promotes learning, creativity, and exploration. Students are taught from a young age to have a sense of responsibility, loyalty, team spirit, and healthy competition in order to develop a positive attitude in them.

The school holds Spiritual Camps on a regular basis, allowing students to re-discover their inner selves and unearth their latent potential. The goal is to infuse social, spiritual, and ethical values into students’ daily lives. Yoga and meditation are also taught to students to help them understand the concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body as the source of optimal well-being. Yoga and meditation help students stay focused, preparing them to face life’s challenges with courage and conviction in a stress-free environment. Students are also given Commando Training, which teaches them how to develop the 10 Success Attitudes. In addition to receiving the much-needed respite from the pressure and rigour of academics, they receive training in goal-setting, personality development, and other relevant topics.

Students are given group tasks, urged to collaborate and learn together, and encouraged to exhibit group dynamics. Emotional intelligence, business communication, problem-solving, team building, and group dynamics are some of the distinctive courses that are taught to all students here along with the following :

  • Spiritual Camp Using Yoga & Meditation to Improve Mental Skills
  • Program for Commando Training
  • Teamwork and overall character development
  • Regular Retreats
  • Open Door System

There are many more benefits of education than those listed here, and it’s not difficult to find some that are tailored to you and your needs.

Check out all of the educational benefits offered by  Suryadatta National School if you’re ready to take the next step in your child's education.

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