Vanquishing The Struggles of Single Parenthood

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Kush Pandya
2 years ago
Struggle of single parent in india

The emotional fortitude it takes to raise a child all by yourself is not something for the weak of heart. Such people should be celebrated by society for all that they are able to accomplish both, personally and for their family. They have no choice but to keep going on, for their child’s future is at stake. Quitting is not an option for them. They have to shoulder through all the hurdles in their path and pave way for a better life for their child.

You could use the tips listed below if you are in a situation where you find yourself being able to relate to these struggles and challenges:

Loss of social life.

Having the responsibility and burden of work, household, and outside tasks don’t leave single parents with enough time to have a social life. You end up rescheduling with friends and family, which might irk a few. What follows is a feeling of stark isolation and loneliness, as you start losing touch with the outside world. If you find yourself in such a circumstance, try looking for online support groups and forums who can help you find an outlet to share your thoughts and feelings. Even virtual relationships are stronger than toxic real ones. Try finding like-minded individuals who have an open mind and do not judge you for your choices. Building a support system around you and your child will help you remain on your path.

Not having a role model of the opposite sex for your child.

Lacking a parent of the opposite sex can make the child start viewing the other sex in a negative light. If the separation was in particular unpleasant, then the child might start harboring feelings of hate for that entire sex. You should stem this issue so that the child does not grow up stereotyping people of a particular sex, as that might hamper their relations with others down the road. Find them, role models, either from their relatives; or people from the neighborhood; or even some famous actor or celebrity. Let them know that everyone’s different and that someone’s gender does not dictate their behavior and attitude.

Hating being the bad guy at all times.

Being a solo parent means that you are always the one who scolds the kid or breaks the bad news to them. You cannot delegate this responsibility between your partner the way nuclear parents can. This might make you worry that your child might come to despise you for being the bearer of bad news or reprimands. It is a very unfair situation to be put in. Nobody wants to be the bad guy all the time. But also remember your child’s anger and frustration is short-lived. But the life skills and lessons you inculcate in them through your parenting will continue to be with them throughout their life, thanks to you.

Feeling burnt-out and tired all the time.

The burn-out a sole provider feels is all too real. Finding time for yourself feels like a luxury you cannot afford. The consequence of this approach is that you will end up tired, fatigued, and frustrated with your current condition. This will lead to you not enjoying life and consequently harm your relationship with your child. You have to put your own needs first. Once you are happy and satisfied with your condition, it will automatically translate to the child having a much better childhood.

Make sure to remember your purpose and the dream that you have for your child. Whenever the going gets tough, keep in mind that what you are doing is going to lead to a better life for your child.

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