Significance of the Statue of Equality, Morals and Humanity for Children

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Abhilasha Rai
10 months ago
Significance of the Statue of Equality, Morals and Humanity for Children

Our goal is to instill in our children the desire to study, as well as the ability to communicate, walk, and ride a bicycle. We educate children in the customs and traditions of a variety of cultures, but why do we put so little emphasis on teaching them the significance of being kind to one another? Why don’t we teach children to be kind to themselves and to the people around them? Is it not the case that the sensation of being kind towards other people, regardless of any distinctions, is the most important value of all? In this article we’ll look at the importance of the statue of equality,morality and humanity for children.

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Around 90% of the children are starting to become familiar with both sides of the world at a younger age as a result of the proliferation of the internet. They are not protected from the glitz and glamour that social media brings along with it, nor are they protected from the trolling that might occur. They comprehend love, but they are perplexed by hatred, which is escalating all across the world. Their thoughts are completely exposed to the brutality and inhumanity that is all around them, and nothing you can do will protect them from it.

Hence, the child's home should be the place where the value of humanity should flourish around the child in order to assist in getting the child ready to confront the challenges of the outside world with bravery and compassion. Home is where education begins. It is a universal truth that moms spend the majority of their time with their kids, which is why they are regarded as their kids’ first teachers. She ought to be able to raise kids such that they can endure any circumstance brought on by the shifting surroundings. We can never predict life’s ups and downs, so one should always be prepared to meet any obstacle that comes their way.


Why is it Crucial to Educate Children about Equality and Human Rights?

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In order to comprehend how they should be treated as well as how others should be treated, young people need to grasp equality and be aware of their rights. By introducing these subjects to pupils, a safe environment is created where they can investigate, challenge, and develop their own beliefs and values.

Students’ increased understanding of rights and respect for difference, along with their increased knowledge of rights, may give them the tools they need to combat discrimination, foster better relationships, and generally make the most of their lives. It is more crucial than ever to instill these optimistic and receptive attitudes in young people in our increasingly varied and difficult society.

Morality without humanity is akin to knowledge without morals. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly explain and teach youngsters the value of moral lessons. It is the mother’s role and responsibility to instill moral principles in her children in order to foster moral traits like humility, integrity, honesty, courtesies, tolerance, sacrifice, etc.

  • Educate kids on how to control negative emotions. When they are criticised or do not obtain the things they want, children may become irate. They need to be addressed with their violent impulses in this kind of circumstance in a calm and peaceful manner. They should also be talked about about expectations and timely rejections.
  • Know your convictions and express them. Children’s first school is their home, and their first teachers are their parents. In addition to academics, parents should teach and make their children aware of their cultures and religious values. From an early age, they can pick up perspectives.
  • Tell them how we can earn their trust. Building trust with children can be accomplished by engaging them in conversation and assisting them in forming friendships. When kids behave well and are trustworthy, parents can praise them with presents and awards.
  • Make discipline a lesson in morality. Children should be introduced to problem-solving techniques, examples of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, and the rationale behind each rule in order to teach them about discipline. Parents should strictly abide by their own rules since children learn from them.
  • Set an exemplary moral example. The ideal “Role Model” for their children can be the parents. They are able to impart their noble achievements and the benefits of their hard work. It can be fantastic to impart to them life lessons based on positive character traits.


How to Discuss Statue of Equality and Humanity with Children?

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Both equality and humanity are important ideas that instructors at schools ought to instill in their students. Students pick up a variety of skills from their instructors as well as other students in their classes, which is one of the primary reasons why schools are thought to be so important. Parents are the first and most important teachers who guide their children towards a better life by ensuring that they attend the best possible school. To begin preparing your child for the unfamiliar world outside, you should begin by cultivating a welcoming atmosphere in your own house.

When kids are  at the  age of 6-7 years their minds are still developing, and you may take advantage of this fact by teaching them to have positive attitudes and behave in appropriate ways. Pick schools for your child that are concerned not only with how well they succeed academically but also with how well they do in other areas. Make it your priority to teach them how to behave as decent people before you worry about them becoming successful individuals. Instill enough humility in them to maintain a healthy balance between the many facets of life while teaching them the value of money.


How can Schools Help?

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Today’s schools must incorporate the idea of a hidden curriculum, which refers to the dissemination of social norms, values, and beliefs in the classroom and in the community. More than 50% of the schools disregard it, despite the fact that it supports the regular curriculum’s lessons. They place more emphasis on language, subjects, and grades. For instance, a school can assert and make sure that its practices and policies in the area of education are designed in a way that all pupils achieve academic success.

The pupils at the particular school are also seen to be encouraging negative behaviours, such as bullying and exam cheating. A child who receives this kind of instruction won’t be much assistance in making decisions in life or choosing the appropriate course of action. Schools should adapt to address this issue and provide specialised classes, seminars, and workshops with a professional counsellor under the direction of teachers who can assist in integrating “values” lessons into the curriculum in order to promote the development of a well-rounded personality in children.

Everywhere, whether in schools, colleges, offices, or talent competitions, there is fierce rivalry. Individuals in today’s materialistic world are envious of one another’s achievements, but instead of harbouring suspicion and envy, individuals should support and cooperate with one another and work together for the good of all. Due to the fact that most parents in this industrialised age work and spend less time with their kids, the latter lack morals and are unable to distinguish between right and wrong. The current situation needs to be drastically changed because children are the future of the nation.

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