Role of Indian Culture in Manifestation of Integrated Development in Modern Day Education

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Sneha Sarkar
6 months ago
Involvement of Indian Culture & Manifestation of Integrated Development in Modern Day Education

Education is an important part of a student's life, and it calls for a system designed to support the student's overall development and growth. With the passage of time, conceptualization has improved, resulting in a positive shift in the delivery of knowledge to students. People are looking for more holistic and effective development of their children rather than just focusing on academic excellence. Also, since its inception, modern education has had a significant impact on Indian society and culture. On the one hand, it provided the key to the treasures of modern scientific and democratic thought to the Indian intelligentsia, and on the other hand, it might also disassociate people from their cultural roots, fading Indian values.

Modern Day Education

But here comes the catch! Involving Indian culture in modern education can be more beneficial in terms of building the foundation for your child's growth. Let's see how.

What does "integrated development" actually mean?

Integrated development


The development of a child's intellectual, physical, mental, spiritual, and social abilities is referred to as "integrated development." True to its name, it focuses on a learner's overall development rather than on just one aspect of the human experience.

Integrated development proponents argue that it promotes balanced relationships not only between people but also between people and their environment. When taken as a whole, it places a greater emphasis on democratic learning, emotional health, and relationship development.

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How can Indian culture be relevant to modern-day education?

Indian Culture

With a touch of Indian culture, a very liberal, all-around, high-standard education can be framed to prepare students in all aspects of life. This can essentially emphasize the purpose of human life and interconnectedness at all levels of existence as a foundation for human values. Insights from the ancient Indian educational system, which is deeply rooted in Indian culture, are useful in facilitating the development of a creative, ethical, and learning mind, one that is concerned not only with greater progress but also with the inner transformation of human consciousness.


1. Maintain physical health:



Activities like yoga, dance, sports, etc. promote physical wellbeing and help students become conscious regarding their health. These activities also foster team spirit and a sense of responsibility in the students. By participating in such activities, the students become more passionate and confident.

2. Help with socializing:



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Indian culture believes in harmony, allowing students to gain a better understanding of the people around them. The development of interpersonal skills is aided by interaction with other students from various backgrounds. As a result, students become more social as a result, and they learn to respect others.

3. Enhance academic performance:

Academic Performance

Cultural activities enhance the confidence level of the students, which helps in developing their personality and assists them in shaping a good career. In fact, students can also leverage the advantage of participating in various activities.

4. Build self-awareness in children:

Educating about Indian culture mediates the sense of self-esteem in an individual because it involves certain aspects of their lives, like beliefs, values, etc., which become the forefront of how one measures their worth. It builds self-esteem, creativity and problem solving skills.  


What does NEP 2020 have to say about this?

NEP 2020

The NEP 2020 demonstrates the need for a transformation of India's educational system. It acknowledges that India's unique position on the global stage is due solely to its cultural advancements, civilizational values, and diverse literature.

 As a result, beginning at the foundational level, all curricula and pedagogy must be redesigned to be deeply rooted in the Indian context and ethos in terms of traditions, culture, heritage, language, philosophy, contemporary knowledge, societal and scientific needs, indigenous ways of learning, and so on. This type of curriculum would ensure that our students' education is relatable, relevant, and effective. It will also lead to a strong sense of identity, as the younger generation will be well-versed in India's rich culture and heritage and will be able to take pride in it.


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Chinmaya Vidyalaya: Redefining modern-day education


Chinmaya Vidyalaya


Apply now


New Delhi's Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vasant Vihar is a premium learning institution based on the philosophy of H. H. Swami Chinmayananda, focusing on children's holistic development, which includes the nurturing and development of the mind, body, and soul.It emphasizes an all-encompassing curriculum, cutting-edge teaching aids, innovative pedagogical methodologies, and a serene learning environment. The ethos of the school is driven by the powerful philosophy of man making encapsulated in the Chinmaya Vision Programme, which includes:

  • Integrated Development (physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual)
  • Indian Culture
  • Patriotism
  • Universal Outlook

Students develop essential life skills to face the challenges of the 21st century and excel in their chosen profession while also becoming accomplished human beings with strong values under the pastoral care of competent and caring staff.

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