School environment and its affects on students

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Chehak Baweja
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School environment and its affects on students

The School environment plays a crucial role in the lifestyle of the students. It has a significant role in student success. The abilities and potential of the students keep enhancing in the positive and learning environment. So, let’s see what does the school environment means and how it helps in the growth of children?

school environment effects on students

What does the School environment mean?

It is a combination of physical, social, and learning environments. It refers to the set of facilities that the school provides. The facilities include classrooms, infrastructure, health, sanitation, teacher-student relation, moral or social values, etc. It is a positive climate that a school creates in which the child studies. And it is one of the crucial factors that parents take into account when it comes to evaluating a child’s performance.  

How does school affect children's mental health growth?

  • A positive school environment for kids affects a child’s academic performance. A child working in a peaceful scenario is more productive than a child working in a loud or chaotic environment. The learning power of the child increases in a healthy and supportive environment. 
  • The school environment includes highly qualified teachers who develop a child’s interest in learning. They try to main a fruitful relationship with the child. And with this, he/she starts performing exceptionally in academic as well as personal activities.
  • The child participation level also increases that results in more interactive classes with a good attendance ratio.
  • A safe school environment is important as well. It provides necessary health care facilities. So, the child’s health is also one of the concerns for the school staff or members. 
  • The children learn moral and social values that make them respect their culture and tradition. 
  • The positive school environment provides good infrastructural facilities to students that include laboratories, library facilities, etc. that make them more efficient with good skills.

Hence, the parents must choose a school for their child that has a positive school environment and for such a case, Gurugram Global Heights School can be the right choice for them.

gurugram global heights school

The motto of the school is: Where dreams get their Wings. They believe in world-class education. Thus, they focus on the critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities of the students and teach with a value-oriented quality of education with Global standards using the multi-dimensional child-centric approach. They make sure that the students should understand the moral and social values of society. And become independent and active in their lives. 

The school ensures that there should be holistic development among children. And expose them to the learning environment that is present outside the classroom.

They try to teach the value: ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, or the ‘Whole world is one single family' to the children; these are some ideas to improve the school environment.

The core Philosophy of the school is: Education should bring to light the ideal of the individual.

Why choose Gurugram Global heights school?

  • World-Class Infrastructure: The school provides world-class infrastructure facilities to the students. They have a fully air-conditioned building with Smart classes. A modern Medical Infirmary to take care of the health care needs of the students. 
  • Smart Class Digital Resources-The classrooms have whiteboards with interactive boards. And they try to provide education with the audiovisual method. The school has a fully air-conditioned auditorium in which they conduct cultural activities and events.
  • A 3D Audio Visual classroom-The school provides interactive sessions through videos and audio. The teacher makes the students learn and enjoy the sessions simultaneously. They have all the useful materials like DVDs, a projector, a large screen present in the room.

gurugram global heights school activities

  • Wide range of Co-Curricular activities: They have world-class sports facilities. And offer various co-curricular activities that include condo, judo, yoga, cricket, badminton, chess, carrom, and many others. They provide the students with an extensive sports and games curriculum. And have a strong belief that the co-curricular activities help a child to have team and leadership skills with personality development.
  • Computer and Science Lab: They have up-to-date science and computer labs. All the computers and instruments are well updated. And they make sure that each student should learn skills with experimenting. 
  • Strong interaction with teachers: The teachers try to interact with the students in the best possible ways. They help each child in developing good communication skills and solve all of their queries. They conduct different activities that help the students in increasing their critical thinking with general awareness. And they try to make sure that each child should embrace his/her individuality and creativeness.
  • Education relating to Moral Values: The school teaches moral and social values to the students. They teach them how to respect their culture and tradition. And even with the approach of education with global standards, the students have the right values.

Listed below are other benefits that Gurugram Global Heights School offer:

  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Air- Conditioned transport facilities having the best security features (CCTVs and GPS).
  • Library and Research centre.
  • Sculpture art room.
  • Timely conduction of parent-teacher meetings.
  • Interaction with parents.
  • Music and dance rooms. 
  • Academic Curriculum according to CBSE board and guidelines.
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