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2 months ago
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Pista Kulfi

Diwali with lights and celebration brings with itself many chances to savour delicious sweets. With the right weather and the perfect season, Pista Kulfi is a recipe which apart from being perfect for all seasons, becomes irresistible when it’s homemade. So, treat your family and kids with this delicious and chilled Pista Kulfi and bring light in your family this festival season without depending on untrustworthy sweets from outside.


Sugar half cup      
Milk 3 litres

For Kulfi paste

Cashew ¼ cup
Almonds (blanched and peeled) ¼ cup
Pistachios ¼ cup
Cardamom powder 2 teaspoons
Poppy seeds 2 tablespoons
Black peppercorns 8 to 10
Cinnamon powder ½ teaspoon



  1. Take all the ingredients of the Kulfi paste and mix them by grinding in the mixer or make a paste of the ingredients by adding some water.
  2. In a heavy bottom saucepan, boil milk. 
  3. Once the milk starts boiling, reduce the heat and boil for 30 minutes until the milk lessens to half of its quantity. 
  4. Add sugar and mix it until it dissolves completely.
  5. Add the Kulfi paste to the milk and sugar and give it a good whisk.
  6. Turn off the gas and put the mixture out to let it cool completely.
  7. Pour the mixture into Kulfi moulds filling it up to 3/4th of its volume. 
  8. Refrigerate the mould for 15 to 20 hours.
  9. Take out the Moulds and serve for dessert.


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