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Julfa Sanghvi on pandemic situation

Lockdown is truly an adventurous ride, especially for a working parent. Here is what Julfa Sanghvi, a mother, and an entrepreneur have to say about the perks of being in lockdown, the food which should be eaten, and how to be mentally strong.

Q. What are your thoughts on this current pandemic?

Lockdown certainly has its own pros and cons. If we look at the brighter side, the amount of time we are getting to spend with the family and to strengthen the bond is something which is very precious. It is actually a lovely opportunity to spend time with your kid at home. Because otherwise, you are always running around leading a hectic lifestyle. But this really is a good opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Reading to him all day strengthens our bond and it is a very nice feeling. If we see from the kid’s point of view it is truly lovely to have a lot of people around and spend some amazing time with the loved ones. 


Q. How are you dealing with the kids during Quarantine?

The kid’s behavior and nature is something which is certainly difficult to handle at this point. They are crankier and tend to get bored really fast by playing with the same old toys. I really wish that I could get my kid tons of toys in this lockdown to play with. This is a little bit of a challenge but I tend to keep him busy and occupied with interactive DIY activities. I keep entertaining him and I keep talking to him and tell him stories that keep him engaged and perhaps less bored. 


Q.What food are you giving your child for immunity boosting?

For the child’s immunity, I am paying extra attention to the food that he eats. I believe in one concept which is 

I decide what he eats, while he decides the quantity’ I try to give him a balanced diet which excludes all kinds of supplements. A lot of people are advising to give supplements to the child for an extra immunity boost but I feel it is not necessary as the balanced diet inculcates most of the nutrients. It is an organic process.


Q. What is the one thing which you feel that the lockdown has made you learn?

It has taught me how to be more creative and how to indulge in DIY activities. I am working hard to create activities for my child at home which I would not have done otherwise. I would have never taken the effort if there wouldn't have been any lockdown. I am making him familiar with all the organic food available like the grains, he tries to memorize the grain, plays with it, it is basically a fun way to learn. This way his motor skills are improving and he is also learning the art of differentiating between the pulses. 

I am doing a lot of painting with him. I am involving him in a lot of house chores be it cleaning, mopping, or folding clothes.


Q. Do you feel that this lockdown is affecting the child’s mental health?

I really don't feel like that. I believe kids are very flexible and have very high adaptability. As a mother, it is my duty not to sulk around him because then it may be a bigger problem. We need to be as positive as we can be with kids so as to keep them happy. 

I stay in a joint family and my child is getting a lot of attention and pampering so I don’t feel mental health is an issue with him. 


Q. How is the experience of work from home for you?

 Apart from handling my Instagram page I also run a full-time business and certainly it is a difficult task to manage things from home. One has to balance between both children and family and cannot concentrate 100% on a task because a lot of things are there to take care of.

But if you schedule your day accordingly then there shouldn’t be any problem.


Q. What is your favorite lockdown memory so far?

I taught my son how to grow plants at home. I have actually planted a small little tree with my son at home and this is my best memory in the lockdown so far. I probably wouldn’t have done it due to lack of time. 


Q. What message would you like to convey to all the moms out there?

One has to be positive all the time. The power of communication and the power of positivity works wonders. If a parent is happy and positive about the situation then it gets passed on to the kid as well. One has to be determined and strong during this time. In order to be physically strong, I am having a ‘kadha’ daily in the morning which comprises all the essential ingredients for immunity be it pudina, lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, tulsi, clove, black pepper - basically all the ingredients which are easily available at your kitchen.  Also in the water, I have put a silver coin which increases immunity. So my family is drinking that solver water daily and of course, the universal immunity booster that is-  turmeric milk. 


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