Help your Child Overcome Obstacles through SHARP Program

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Help your Child Overcome Obstacles through SHARP Program

Life is not always easy. Even though we might like to think that people are good and they do not have bad intentions, sometimes we may stumble upon some of them that have really bad intentions. The environment we study in, work, or live in should be a safe one. We should feel comfortable in these environments, and more importantly, we should feel secure. But sexual harassment is taking place everywhere, unfortunately. And it leaves the victim with a traumatic experience that can seriously affect their mental health, self-esteem, and trust.

Many programs aim to help victims of sexual harassment but also prevent it from happening in every environment. Getting an education in college or any other university should be a nice experience, where learning is fostered. However, sexual harassment is present everywhere: in school, in the workplace, in the army, and everywhere. SHARP program is a program developed by the Army to prevent sexual harassment from happening within the army. We will discuss more the importance of SHARP in business and the army, but also about how the SHARP program helps people to overcome obstacles in the following lines.

But first, let’s see what sexual harassment is.

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About Sexual Harassment

sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can take many forms. Most of the time, it involves unwanted sexual attention or advances, or even requests for sexual favours. Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, even in your learning or working environment. However, its degree can differ. For example, negative comments about a specific group, such as a group of women, can be also considered sexual harassment. There is a common misconception that only a specific group is a sexual harasser, but sexual harassment is not only about men. Even though they represent the larger group who does this, women can display some form of sexual harassment too. What does this look like in the workplace or educational context?

Well, if someone asks you for sexual favours to promote you at the workplace or to get a good grade in school, that is sexual harassment. Unwanted physical touch or sexual advances also fall into this category, as well as comments about sexual fantasies. You may even get unwanted sexual photos or take part in conversations about sex and fantasies in environments where they should not happen, such as work or school. You may feel pressed to engage in sexual activities, even though you do not want it. All these describe sexual harassment and learning as much as you can about this topic helps you spot it and act on it. You can check a SHARP essay reference and paper samples on this topic, as they explore the topic more in-depth. And they can help you understand that sexual harassment can take many forms and can happen anywhere.


About the SHARP Program

stop sexual harassment

The SHARP program has been developed within the army as a response to sexual harassment that is happening in that environment too. There are a lot of scenarios in which the harassment issue is a pervasive problem, and the army is one of them. As sexual harassment can happen to anyone, it is crucial to know what to do in those moments, especially after it happened.

It can leave the victim with trauma, so addressing the issue right from the beginning is crucial. The SHARP program aims to make a cultural shift within the army ranks and promote a vision and culture of discipline and respect among the soldiers. You can be a witness of sexual harassment too, so it is crucial to understand what you can do in those moments. The SHARP program involves a large team of trained professionals that exists at all army levels and that can support change. Also, soldiers are trained on how to recognize the signs of sexual harassment, what to do when they witness it or are directly involved as victims, and how to report the event.


The Importance of the SHARP Program

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Even though the SHARP program has been created by the army to prevent and end sexual harassment within its ranks, it has utter importance for all environments. It can be applied to schools and businesses too, as sexual harassment can happen anywhere. Knowing the effects and consequences of unwanted sexual attention and advances might help people understand that sexual comments that they find normal, might affect someone else’s mental health and self-esteem.

Some might not realize that what they find natural, such as sending text emails or photos with sexual connotations is not hot, but it is harassing. At the same time, it is crucial to know how to recognize the signs of sexual harassment. And more importantly, to know how to report it and what to do if you are a victim.

The SHARP program is important not only in the army but it can be used for people to overcome obstacles. It helps you understand that your actions have consequences, and some of them affect the people around you or with which you interact. At the same time, it draws attention to the importance of having a social network you are part of and that can support you when sexual harassment happens. It highlights the fact that attitudes and behaviours are present in these situations and how you should act. This program is crucial as it draws attention to the sexual harassment that is present not only within the army but everywhere. And as it is an obstacle you need to overcome, it comes with recommendations and information you need.


Final Thoughts

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Unfortunately, sexual harassment is present in every context and it can happen in many scenarios. It can take many forms and it is crucial to know how to recognize it and report it. If someone asks you for sexual favours to promote you at your workplace or get you a good grade in school, that is sexual harassment.

Also, getting unwanted sexual attention such as physical touch, sexual photos, or even negative comments about you, you need to know how to react and what to do. The SHARP program is essential not only for the army but for everyone that wants to prevent and implement activities for sexual harassment. Overcoming these obstacles might not feel easy, but having the knowledge to recognize the signs and knowing where, how and who to ask for help is crucial.

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