Reliable Recipes: Oreo Fluff

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Pratham Suwal
a year ago
Reliable Recipes: Oreo Fluff

Oreo fluff dessert has perfect sweet cream with pops of crunchy Oreo cookies spread throughout. This soft and sweet mixture is a hugely popular dessert which you would love from the very first bite. It is cold and refreshing and not overly rich. 


Ingredients Quantity
Cream Cheese 200 grams
Condensed Milk 400 grams
Toppings 450 grams
Broken Oreos 450 grams



      •    Place cream cheese and condensed milk in a stand mixer and blend on high for 1 minute.
      •    Remove bowl from mixer and hand fold in the topping.
      •    Add broken Oreo's to the topping and stir until incorporated.
      •    Chill until served. 
      •    When ready to serve, sprinkle Oreo crumbles.


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