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Congratulations! You’ve become a parent and you’re putting in everything you’ve got to comfort your baby and understand its needs. The first month can surely be overwhelming for new parents and experienced ones alike. So take a deep breath! And comfort yourself in the knowledge that the feeling is common to all those who begin their parenting journey!

You’ll often find yourself asking someone or wondering to yourself if everything is ok? These constant nagging concerns about whether your baby is feeding properly, or burping enough or breathing alright can be exhausting!! We get it! Here are a few things you can check to put your overworked mind and body to rest.

By now, your little wonder must surely be able to:

  • Lift his head for a few brief seconds when lying on his stomach on the floor

  • Focus on a face

  • Follows or turns toward the sound of her rattle 

  • Bring her hands to her eyes and mouth

  • Clench his hands to form a tight fist

  • Identify the scent of your breast milk

Your little cracker may also be able to:

  • Respond to a familiar sound by squealing, startling or even quieting.

  • React differently to different sounds, music and rhymes

  • Blink when you clap your hands

  • Smile in response to your smiling face

  • Get excited and kick around when you play peek-a-boo

  • Lift his head at a 45-degree angle

Your little rock star can possibly even:

  • Smile spontaneously

  • Look into your eyes and respond with sounds other than crying (eg. Cooing)

  • Lift his head at a 90-degree angle when lying on his stomach

  • Keep his head steady when held upright

  • Bring both hands together

Each child reaches their developmental milestones on their own individual and unique timeline. If your baby has not reached one or more of the aforesaid milestones, be rest assured, he or she will do so very soon. Premature babies usually reach their development milestones later than full-term babies.  You can help your baby achieve their developmental milestones by engaging them in play, interacting with them, taking them out of the house to experience and absorb the world outside their first home, your belly! Trying to create a routine may be difficult initially but will prove beneficial since you will then be able to understand your babies sleep, feed, poop and playtime patterns better. While it is best to breastfeed newborn babies, in case you choose otherwise you can consult a doctor on what’s the best formula milk for your child. One must make a well educated and informed decision while choosing between feeding the child breast milk or formula

Doctors checklist and vaccinations

At birth, your baby has already been given the BCG, OPV(0), Hep B Birth dose. When you do visit the doctor, ensure you have made a list of the things that you are concerned about. Some such concerns you may have are as follows: Proper care of the umbilical stump, bathing tips for your newborn, poop color and consistency and what it says about your baby’s health, detailed physical checkup during the first month, sleep patterns of your baby, how to relieve a colic baby,Do’s and Don’ts of expressing milk, how to choose the right pump, baby allergies, best ways to massage your baby, ways to check if your child is your child is fed adequately alongside many other concerns you may have. Do check with your doctor if your baby feeds slowly or doesn’t suck well, he or she doesn’t seem to focus her eyes to watch things moving nearby, doesn’t react to bright lights, seems too stiff or too floppy or doesn’t respond to loud sounds.

Every child is unique in his or her own way and no developmental chart or article can give you a hundred percent certain map on your child's growth. This article, if anything, gives you an idea of the range of what one might call normal. Remember, everything that your child learns achieves and accomplishes in his first year will be unique to him. Be it language, gross motor skills, expressions, habits etc they are all part of his very own phenomenal and customized developmental chart. 

As parents, we will always strive to do the best we can, make informed and well-educated decisions for their physical growth and well being (i.e. weight, height, overall health etc). However, do cut yourself a little slack and enjoy these moments as never again will your baby achieve and learn so many things so fast. Cherish this pace! Cherish this journey! It is only the beginning.

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