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Build your Logical Reasoning for a Brighter Future


A common criticism of the Indian education system stems from the fact that rote learning is given a lot of importance. Rote learning is the death of imagination, creativity, and ambition. But this can all be solved through logical reasoning.

There’s a reason why all major competitive exams and job recruiters conduct logical reasoning, critical thinking, and aptitude tests. These are the best indicators of a student’s mental ability to solve complex problems.

Logical Reasoning is a staple in all competitive exams and for future growth opportunities. Students need to be prepared for the same in order to enhance the odds of them succeeding later in life.

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Now comes the question of channeling this skill. How can a child develop logical reasoning?


1) Debate! Debate! Debate!  



Engage yourself in lively conversations with others from different aspects of your life. It could be a discussion about a movie with your friends during school; it could be about politics with your family members around the dinner table; it could even be with your teacher when it comes to the curriculum. These conversations can get heated but keep in mind, the goal is to present your point of view and understand the others, not to argue. 


Participating in debate stimulates your brain to think and analyze. It also drives your mind to search for causes and consequences. Debating, thus, requires logical thinking, good decision-making skills sharpen a child’s mind and enhance logical reasoning. 


Having said that, the biggest weapon is the “word” if you know how to deliver it. Merely speaking is not enough, you must get to learn how to prepare for it. Skill-O-Speak course will help kids who are in grades 3-8 enhance skills like speech & presentation, group discussions, debating, extempore, etc. It boosts communication skills, self-confidence and the overall personality of the student. 


2) Competitive exams  



Sooner or later, we all have to sit for competitive exams and recruitment tests. These prove the mettle of the student in that respective field and open up a flood of opportunities. Starting out early will give you that required edge. Apply to Olympiads, solve mock tests, solve those HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions at the end of every lesson. Olympiad Success is a platform that is actively working towards instilling logical reasoning in students. They do so by preparing kids in grades 2-10 to excel in various Olympiads through online LIVE classes with comprehensive practice and mock test papers. Know about Logical Reasoning Olympiad Classes for grades 3-10 by visiting here


3) Find new hobbies and interests  



No hobby is inaccessible in today’s technological age. You can research and start hobbies from the comfort of your home. As you delve deeper into the labyrinth of a specific hobby, you’ll find how extensive it is and the various intricacies it has to offer. A creative hobby develops an ability to think logically and improves logical thinking. Many students have found the financial market to be an extremely challenging and rewarding past-time that cultivates different aspects of their skill sets. 


4) Mindfulness exercises


We all have hidden reservoirs of logical reasoning potential lying within us. These can be developed through various exercises and activities but this can only be effectively channeled when a person is in the right headspace and can think straight. For this, we need to rid ourselves of our mental garbage and cleanse our brains from within. This can be achieved through reflection and mindfulness.


5) Practice perspective-taking



Most complications people face in their life emerges from a lack of understanding of different perspectives. Each one of us is complex and unique in so many ways. Trying to explore various approaches towards a certain situation can expand our horizons and will thus lead to endless opportunities. This is important not just from a career or academic point of view, but also from a holistic sense. Well, we've figured out a holistic development program for kids in grades 3-8 that you should definitely check out. SchoolPlus by Olympiad Success helps build essential skills that are essentials for a child’s successful future.


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Logical reasoning and critical thinking promote students to find solutions on their own based on the information provided and by dipping into their existing knowledge pool. They aren’t reliant on others for solutions. Those who implement logical reasoning turn into independent thinkers and take the first step towards a brighter future.


This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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