Busting Learning Myths

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
2 years ago
Busting Learning Myths


Learning is a continuous process. One starts learning from birth itself and continues to do so until death. Learning is not just limited to formal institutions and training programs but it encompasses the wide prospect of learning from one’s life’s experiences, mistakes, and decisions as well.

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When it comes to learning, there is a lot of learning myths that somehow seem to dictate a person’s learning experience. The study of myths creates a stereotype around the learning process and ends up making learning a mechanical and exhaustive process.

Here are some commonly believed myths regarding learning that might end up disrupting the education process instead of accelerating it. Accompanying these myths is a clearer perspective of these myths, busting the learning myths to present the complete truth.

  • Learning Abilities: There is a myth that talent defines a person’s learning ability. But that is never the case. Learning is not a fixed asset. You learn as long as you are open to new experiences and teachings. It is through sheer hard work and dedication that students grow to secure straight A’s in exams, not through dumb luck.
  • Effect of Failure: This myth surrounding education makes people believe that one should avoid failure at all costs. But failure never disrupts learning. Instead, it acts as a source of motivation that encourages one to work harder in their future and teaches one regarding the mistakes that need to be avoided to attain success.
  • Learning Styles: Learning is not confined to a specific style or technique. It is nowhere written that learning by writing, or reading out loud are the only ways to retain learning. Instead, it depends on the learner’s attitude and his/her suitable methods that help them to acquire education.
  • Learning Pyramid: The learning pyramid myth suggests that people tend to learn better when the learning is accompanied by an image, even if plainly decorative. It is obviously true to some extent, but not all the way. People intent on learning will continue to do so whether or not it is accompanied by an image.
  • Serious Learning: Another common myth surrounding learning states that learning can only be fruitful when one does it seriously. The myth says - learning requires full concentration, without any distractions. But it is not completely the case. Nowadays, kids tend to learn better when it is done as a fun activity, not in complete seriousness.

Eminent in breaking the stereotypes created by these learning myths is a start-up called Borad EduGames, endeavoring to redefine education for the kids of the present. Working towards making learning fun for children is the fuel that powers the folks at Borad EduGames. The folks at Borad EduGames are aimed towards enhancing knowledge in students through the use of interactive thought-provoking board games.

Founded by Ayush Anand and Rahul Utamchandani, Borad EduGames was initially strategized as a college project and went on to thrive as a favorite in the board games sector after receiving rave reviews and winning podium positions in various start-up board games devoted to helping students out in different subjects of study, thus, busting one of the common learning myths. Thankfully for us, Borad EduGames believes that learning should not only be educational but also fun. Because only then, kids will be more interested in learning without being forced or rebuked to do so. As of now, Borad EduGames has games devoted to four different subjects- English, Geography, History, and Mathematics. They have other games, related to other subjects, lined up for release soon.

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