74th Independence Day: History and Significance

Itika Gupta
2 months ago
Independence Day and Indian freedom fighter

The first war for Independence in 1857 was led when the British East India company subdued local kingdoms and established itself as a dominant force. In protest to that, the Indian National Congress party was formed followed by movements like Non-Cooperation, Civil Disobedience, and many more. Before, 26th January was declared as the Independence Day and, on this day, congress pleaded people to pledge to Civil Disobedience and asked them to follow the instructions set by the Congress Party, just to create a wave of enthusiasm and force Britishers to step out of India.

The Rebellion of 1857 War


Traditional vs modern way?

On this day, our country secured Independence from the oppression and brutality of the Britishers and asked them to leave India. We remember our countless fighters, who sacrificed their lives in the name of Independence. A day to boast of our cultures and traditions, highlight the “strength in unity” and emphasize that we still believe in peace but without any compromises. It’s a way to look at our past, learn, and never commit the same mistakes made by our ancestors. This day is marked as the biggest day in our history. We are filled with a passion to never let our pride down. This is reflected in most schools, colleges, and other institutions through various cultural and social programs. The air is full of patriotic songs; the flag is hosted and people from all religious backgrounds stand together and signify the strength in unity; “Sare Jahan Se Achha, Hindustan Hamara.”

Different religions celebrating together

But unlike previous years, the scenario is a bit different this time. 2020 is a special year with different challenges, issues, problems to deal with. All the physical meetups, gatherings, education, official work has turned virtual. It teaches us a lesson that nothing is everlasting, circumstances never knock on the door before arising. So, in this tough time, how do we celebrate this auspicious day? Let’s explore.


Be a champion for the nation

We think about our brave soldiers and pay tribute to them each year for their valor and courage. Had they not fought with valiance; we would have still been under the captivity of the Britishers. No doubt soldiers like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Sukhdev Thapar deserve respect and regard but is our gratitude enough to make a difference in the present scenario? Be a champion and serve your nation and save the country from any damage.

Donating plasma this Independence Day

Each one of us is a hero, we just need to use our strength in the right direction. People who stand at the border and fight with our enemies are warriors but there are other hero’s as well. Doctors, nurses, ward boys, cleaners, sweepers, drivers, coolies serve in a different way and are no less than heroes. Make a change this Independence Day, step out from your houses and distribute sanitizers, masks, sweets to the needy. Take the help of your children and make them contribute to the cause. Tell them, Independence Day is not just for thinking about the warriors of yesteryears but it's time to be one in our own domains. Donate plasma to the people in need. Other than nationalism and patriotism, inculcate a feeling of “brotherhood” in your kids. Its time to pass on your ethical and moral values, you inherited from your parents to kids. “Companionship” is the need of the hour.


Contribute towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Our current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, talked so much about Aatmanirbhar Bharat, his vision of making India a self-reliant country. The motive to promote Indian produced goods is to contribute towards the economy of our country and boost employment in every sector. Children must know about the vision for Aatmanirbhar Bharat and being the upcoming generation, it's their duty to contribute towards the same.

Swadeshi Movement and Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Isn’t there a relation between Independence and Aatmanirbhar? Years back, in order to seek Independence, MK Gandhi laid emphasis on Indian made goods. Why? That was the tool that contributed to the victory of the nation. At that time, we fought against Britishers now we have different enemies. Discuss with your kids about the happenings prevailing in the world. They must be aware of the economy and how it works. Chip in this Independence Day and plea to promote and use Indian made goods. Try to give your kids a thorough understanding of the significance of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.


Think Independently

Most people pretend to be modern in front of others but deep down they follow the same old set of ideologies. What’s the point in pretending to have independent thinking when you can’t change yourself from the inside? There are some people who still believe in gender stereotyping. There is a set distribution of responsibilities and work between boys and girls. Household work is still meant for girls. In some backward areas, girls are even being deprived of the basic rights of education and equality. These people celebrate Independence Day and talk so much about the female leaders who gave up their life for the sake of freedom but when it comes to their own family, they still believe in old and useless ideas. 

Women achieving equality and independence

Set an example this Independence Day. Celebrate today while giving your girl child equal rights and letting them live their dream life. Make them so capable that they don’t need anybody’s help in dealing with their problems. On the other hand, teach your sons to respect girls. It’s sad to say but the exponential rise of harassment against girls reflects the depraved mindset of some males. Freedom does not only mean being socially independent but mentally as well.


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