How To Help Your Child Choose The Right Career

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Soham Bhattacharjee
10 months ago
How To Help Your Child Choose The Right Career

In high school, Rahul had no idea about all the career opportunities that lay before him. He didn’t even know which stream to continue his studies in after finishing high school. When he had to decide what to study next in college, he pursued what his parents wanted him to. After finishing college one day, Rahul announced to his parents that he was never really interested in his college course and wanted to pursue something entirely different.

Rahul’s story might sound familiar to you and hundreds of parents all across India. Unsurprisingly, a large majority of parents in India are often worried about their children’s careers. They try to help their children choose a career but instead end up forcing them to study what they want to. In the process, the child’s dreams, ambitions, and interests are all shattered.

As a parent, your job is to guide your teenage child to choose a career that not only he/she is interested in, but also one they can be successful in. While it can be difficult to strike a balance between enforcing and suggesting, it certainly is possible.


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Here's How You Can Help Your Child Choose The Right Career

Help Your Child Choose The Right Career

But what can you actually do to help your teenage child choose a career that he/she loves? Here are 5 things to keep in mind that will help you guide your child to their ideal career path:



A parent and child talking: parents seek the best for their child.

All parents want their children to succeed in whatever career he/she chooses. But more often than not, parents only take into consideration the career paths that seem economically promising and easier to be successful in. This can not only limit the number of career choices you look into but can also create unrealistic expectations.


Overshadow of Aspirations

Child overshadowed by parents: Parents often want their children to be successful in the same field as they are in

Parents often want their children to be successful in the same field as they are in. While the intention behind this is to help their child start in an already tested field, it often overshadows the child’s own aspirations and might not align with what he/she wants.


Fulfilling Dreams through Children

Children aren't able to make a decision regarding their career as they often feel burdened by their parents' dreams and aspirations.

Children are often seen as an extension of their parents. Thus, more often than not parents try to fulfil their dreams and aspirations through their children. This might take the form of enforcing children to pursue career fields that they are not interested in.


Following Market Trends

A parent with confused child: following market trends is absolutely not the right way to help your child choose a career.

It is not wise to follow market trends and decide what career path would fit your child. Many parents also choose a career based on what others have been successful in. It is important to understand that every teenager is unique and can shine on a completely new career path.


Disregard of 'Hobbies'

A parent child verbal spat: what parents regard as hobbies can be a career sought by the child

Many parents are guilty of disregarding their children’s interests as just hobbies. Instead, it’s important to be realistic about career opportunities in anything that the child shows an interest in or is passionate about.


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