Changing Schools in Class 11: A Wise Decision?

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
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Changing Schools in Class 11: A Wise Decision?

Choosing a school to get their child admitted to is among the primary decisions that a parent is required to make in the early years of parenting? But how is making this decision any different when the child grows up? What difference does it make- good or bad?

A school is a child's second home. It does not only contribute to educating an individual but also helps chart his or her future course of life. Thus, naturally, a parent is under a lot of pressure when he or she is looking out for schools to get their child admitted to, be it a temporary playschool or a permanent secondary or senior secondary school once they reach Kindergarten or Grade I.

However, often students may require a change of schools in Grade XI. 

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Is it Possible to Change Schools in Grade XI? 

Changing schools in Grade XI is not as much of a big deal as it is often made out to be, especially if done at the right time. That is, a change of schools right after a student passes the Grade X examinations can be a smooth process. 

Shifting schools is possible as long as the Grade XI registration process for a student is not underway. Once the student registrations are done, changing schools are out of the question, unless there is an emergency.


Changing Schools as an Adolescent

Changing Schools as an Adolescent

Changing schools in Grade XI can be a smooth process on paper. However, it might not always be an easy process for an adolescent to go through that change.

Teenage is a sensitive stage of life. With all the physical and emotional changes that take place, teenagers often feel stressed at the slightest inconvenience, most of the time even seemingly normal circumstances can take a toll on adolescents. 

A change of schools is a huge deal to them, having to leave the school that they have been attending for years, leaving behind friends, peers and teachers that might have started to feel like a family. To add to it all, the pressure of fitting in in a new school, having to make friends all over again, and the possibility of not being able to make friends at all are some examples of the tribulations troubling an adolescent’s mind when the question of changing schools arises.


How Should Parents Proceed?

Changing Schools in Class XI: A Wise Decision?

If choosing a school for a child was dreary, doing the same for an adolescent is all the messier. There are a lot of aspects that parents need to pay attention to while looking for schools to get their adolescent admitted to, much more than they did when the adolescent was just a child. Added to this is the responsibility of dealing with their adolescents' concerns.

Here are some tips to help parents deal with such a situation.

  • Start with a Talk: Healthy communication makes everything easier. A change of schools can initially be the decision of either the parent or the student. But whosoever makes the decision, due to whatsoever reason, it is important that the reasons get communicated to the other person.
  • Involve the Adolescent: An adolescent is capable enough of making certain important decisions, especially one regarding the kind of school that they want to study in. Involving them in the process of looking for and applying to schools makes the change a little easier on them, letting them have a say in deciding about a part of their life.
  • Encourage Friendships: It is important to assure your child that a change of schools does not necessarily mean an end of old friendships. Let them know that they can still be very good friends with people from their old school. Also, let them understand that making new friends will come naturally to them once they are around the right people.
  • Steer Clear of Academic Problems: Changing high schools might bring some academic problems along. Thus, it is important to make sure that the learning in the new school that you choose is on track with that of your child’s old school. To ensure this, parents can also have a talk with the teachers and do the needful.


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