How does a school affect the future of a child?

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Shramana Biswas
3 years ago
role of school in growth and development of a child

Schools are an indispensable part of our lives. Children spend a considerable amount of time at school throughout their childhood and teenage. It is the school that is responsible for the development of children's careers which ultimately shape their future.

Schools are not just important for the educational development of a child. There is much more a school does that shapes a child's personality, way of thinking, opinions, and behaviour. Schools also help in providing kids with a place for expanding their social circle and creating a life outside their families. It is here that a kid makes friends and understands the value of extra-familial relationships.

Finding the right school for your kids is very important for parents. A good school will not only ensure academic success but also teach their students values and emotions. It is a place where children first learn to make an identity for themselves. Therefore the school becomes partly responsible for influencing children and developing their personality.


Here's how a school greatly affects a child's future

Academic Development

The school is first and foremost responsible for the academic development of a child. The faculty of the school is responsible for helping students find their calling and guide them in their career choices. 


Social Interactive Development

social development of child in school

The school allows students to expand their social circle on their own. Here, they make new friends and form new relationships. We all know that friends are an important part of our social life. In school, the friendships children make sometimes become long-lasting. It can be very fulfilling for a child as well. Friends can help each other progress through academics and life in general. So, the school gives children this amazing space to form new bonds with kids closer to their age.


Communication Skill Enhancement

Communication skills in kids

In school, students need to deal with a lot of different people. There are teachers, classmates, seniors, juniors, supportive staff and friends. Children, therefore, learn to communicate better when they are at school. They do not have their parents to help them in expressing problems and look for solutions. Kids have to communicate regularly with teachers and classmates to keep up with schoolwork and express problems. Hence, the school also allows them to better their communication skills.


Co-curricular Activities and Talent Search

Apart from providing them with academic help, the school also helps students recognise their talents and enhance their skills in co-curricular activities. Children can develop skills in sports, music, dance, drawing, painting, art and craft, etc. by participating in various activities and classes in their school. The school also provides them with the stage to express their creativity and talents. Competitions organised by schools can help them advance their skills and keep themselves motivated to do better. Sports activities also ensure the physical well-being of students.


Learning Emotions and feelings

Children do not have much experience in life. Therefore, they cannot always feel empathetic towards others and their problems. School teaches them about the experiences of people around the world to make them understand the importance of values and emotions. Children learn to feel for their classmates and friends. They learn to share and help each other to be a better person. They get to understand people better and develop a sense of right and wrong.


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Discipline and Hardwork

Impact of school on child development

Schools help teach children the importance of discipline. Teachers help keep students on the right path by telling them about the importance of good behaviour. They are taught respect, grace, cleanliness, punctuality, and many more good qualities that would turn them into good people. They are also taught to work hard to achieve their goals. Students are encouraged to give their best effort to get good results and become successful in life. They learn that hard work will pay off and will help them achieve their dreams in life.


These are some ways in which schools help in the development of children. You need to make sure your children get the best school so that they can learn from the best and become successful in their life.

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