Making your Children Team Players

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Riya Sree Kaishyap
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Making your Children Team Players

Being a team player can be one of the biggest strengths of an individual. It is something that can keep a person thriving in the toughest of times, getting them out of deep ditches and into safety. Needless to say, it is one of the skills that must be built up in an individual from early on.  Children have lots to gain by being team players from a young age.

Basics of Teamwork for Kids

The term team playing generally refers to working together as a team to achieve a common goal. Team playing is when people of the same mindset, seeking to achieve a common objective, work together towards an efficient solution.

Let’s have a quick look at the basics of team play -
●    People of the same mindset come together to achieve a common goal.
●    People of varying mindsets can work together towards a common goal, setting all differences aside.
●    Interests of the team should be given greater importance than individual interests.
●    The integrity of the team must be reserved by all its members.
●    Problems in the team should be resolved with calm minds, always trying to keep external interference in team matters away.

Benefits of Teamwork Skills for Children                                 

Inculcated from a young age, team playing can have the following benefits for children-

Builds Self-Esteem: Indulging children in team playing activities helps to build their self-esteem. Working together, as a part of a team, helps to develop confidence and also enhances communication skills. The augmented confidence also helps the children to perform better in academics and other fields even later in life.

Developing Leadership Skills: Working together and towards a common goal also gives children the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Leading a team towards victory, fulfillment of the goal, also gives children a sense of achievement, pushing them to work harder. It also motivates them to do well in the long run.

Forming Healthy Habits: The efforts that go into team playing help kids to develop healthy habits in life. Team playing requires children to remain physically fit and follow a disciplined life. It also helps people to make friends, interact with each other in times of distress, be patient and teaches them to agree to disagree. The team thus makes a person a better individual.

GEMS Modern Academy, Gurugram is one such school that amplifies the importance of team playing and works hard to make its students good team players. One of the school’s four core values is ‘One Team'. It motivates the students to keep a bigger picture in mind and to put the team’s needs ahead of theirs. 

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Team play, if incorporated in one’s life from early on, can help them lead a better life. But how to make the children realize the importance of team play? How can we make children good team players?

Emphasize the Importance: Talking to the children about the importance of team play makes a world of difference. They need to understand all about team playing before actually becoming part of a team themselves.

Boost their Confidence: Kids that are shy by nature usually have trouble fitting into a team due to a fear of getting subdued. They have a constant fear of not getting recognized as a part of the team. Hence, the parents and teachers as a team boost their confidence and let them know that they are capable of doing what they put their mind to.

Team Play at Home: Through various means, we tell our parents to instill the spirit of team play at home. For instance, dividing the household load among the family members. 

Encourage Fair Play: Fair play is the most essential trait of a good team player. We at GMA reinforce this important ground rule to the children from time to time. Fair play also helps to inculcate kindness in children, make them responsible enough to take decisions, and be good leaders and even good team players.

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While instilling team playing qualities in children, parents need to stay in constant connection with the kids’ school. The school is a child’s second home and does have a lot to contribute when it comes to making children team players. 

Established in 2015, GEMS Modern Academy, Gurugram is a Senior Secondary School affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). GEMS Modern Academy provides a unique blend of curriculum to its students, making them passionate lifelong learners. The school also endeavors to make its students responsible, confident, and greatly valued members of the global diaspora.

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The school lays equal emphasis on academics and co-curricular activities, helping children develop and hone their skills in the right way. The school also provides several different activities to encourage team playing like drama, athletics, MUNs, dancing, exhibitions, etc.


This article has been reviewed by our panel. The points, views and suggestions put forth in this article have been expressed keeping the best interests of fellow parents in mind. We hope you found the article beneficial.
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