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Christmas Donations

Christmas is a very special festival for Indians. It can be said that Christmas is the highlight of the winter season for many people. The spirit of Christmas is particularly unique for it's giving nature. The main aim of Christmas is not only to celebrate the birth of Christ but also to spread cheer among people. It means to enjoy and to help others enjoy the festival with food, gifts and lots of love.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to celebrate festivals in full swing. Celebrations also mean spending money. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford to indulge in festivities and due to financial strain. Children who are underprivileged children or orphaned can also miss out on festivities because they don't have anyone to help them celebrate Christmas. It then becomes our duty to help them join the festivities. 

Donating and sharing one's possessions can be a good way to spread holiday cheer. However, convincing people to share can be difficult. Children can be particularly difficult to convince because they rarely have to share their belongings and are mostly the centre of attention in their homes. They are also less aware of worldly problems hence, do not understand the necessity of charity. You as parents have to teach charity to children to help them understand the act better. Teaching children to give and take joy from giving is very important to help them develop empathy and humility.


Here are some ways you can help you in teaching kids about giving and sharing

Introduce them to concepts of privilege

Children do not have to handle finances and money. Hence, they may not understand their privilege as someone who has a stable family with less financial worry. You need to introduce them to the fact that there are families who struggle to make ends meet every day. This will help them develop empathy.

Start with small acts

Small acts of charity

It is necessary to introduce charity slowly in children. Planning a big drive all of a sudden may overwhelm children and chase them away. You need to make them comfortable with the idea of charity. Start with small acts of charity by helping out your house help and their families. It can also be a neighbour or a friend who needs your help. 

Select Kids Charities 

Charity of kids

Children tend to feel closer to other children naturally. Hence, you can plan a drive to a nearby local children's shelter or orphanage to donate to children and help them celebrate Christmas. You can provide the organisation with money or gifts depending on your and your children's choice. Make sure you let your child give out the gifts so that they may have a first-hand experience.

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Ways for children to raise money

Ways for children to raise money

Sometimes funds may fall short for long charity drives. You can make your children help to collect donations from others. They can go to their neighbours, friends, extended family and your colleagues and ask them for donations. You can also encourage them to share surplus or extra toys, pocket money, and snacks to have a more personal experience.

Adding a personal touch

Personal touch to charity

You need to make your children feel involved in the process of donation. Only then they will be more interested and emotionally invested in it. You can ask them to add small handwritten notes or handmade Christmas cards to add a personal touch to the donations. It will also help them feel connected to the children and feel like they have contributed to the act and made them happy.

Continuing donations

While having a donation drive during Christmas is a great way to spread cheer to the less fortunate, keeping up charitable activities after Christmas is also commendable. Continue doing small acts of charity with your kids so that they can remain interested in charitable activities. Practising even small acts of charity can help them become habituated to the idea of giving and teach them to be grateful and humble.

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