Eight Must Do's for Your Child's First Day of School

Sambhavna Tiwari
2 years ago
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Whether you have a toddler starting nursery or a 10-year-old going to middle school, the first day your child goes to school is always an important day. It will be the day your child will spend a considerable time away from you after a long break. Be sure that your little one will miss you as much as you will miss her. 

So, what are the things to keep in mind to ensure smooth sailing on the first day? What are the little details to take care of to make the day special? Let us see below:

  • Start the day by making your child her favourite meal. It will make her feel special. Make sure she is well fed before school. She is less likely to be cranky. 

  • Also, make sure you pack her tiffin with food she finds comfort in. The food that you pack will be her connect with you during school hours. A satisfying meal is more likely to keep her happy. 

  • Check the school bag. Ensure nothing important is missed out. If the school has given a checklist of things to be brought on the first day, cross-check with that. Tiffin, water, notebooks, diaries are usually needed. 

  • Be on time. The first day is likely to be characterized by some confusion and delay. Whether it is the time needed to find the new classroom or simply a long hug with your baby or handling your nervous baby throwing a tantrum. Make sure you are early and leave enough time for unforeseen delays. 

  • Check-in on them before leaving. Some kids might get busy with their friends, others might want mummy to hang around. Try to make sure they are comfortable with their teachers before leaving.

  • Budget time for delays in leaving, because your child needs you for a little bit more before settling in. Inform at work that you might be delayed because it is the first day of school. Dont schedule an important work meeting in the morning. 

  • A photograph of the two of you to mark the special day will make her feel good about it.

  • Once your child is back from school, don't forget to ask how the day went. Remember she might have a lot of details to tell you on her first day. Keep aside all other work for some time and be a part of her excitement. 

Here's wishing that the day is a memorable one for you and your child :-)

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