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Choosing preschool and activities

Choosing a preschool for your kid can be overwhelming so what are your suggestions to your parents?

Well, its one of the most difficult tasks because it's like a stepping stone for them and with the school, it becomes the big responsibility of parents like “agar aap usko vo school mai bej rahe hai toh vo utna hi safe, peace, relaxed ho jitna vo ghar pe hai “ so there’s a key point that should be marked. And the furniture that they use should be friendly to kids. Yes, it's a very minute observation but we should check it. And we should also check that ambience should be colourful and attractive. So that should also be in mind.


School is also known as the second home of the child so he should feel at home.

Ya like if we say our kid that you are going to school so they should not be feared of it because “unko full lifetime jana hai. So aap unko aisa ambiance do jinke kids enjoy kare jane main a ki dare.” So what I feel is it is really a tough job. 


When choosing a pre-school remember that early childhood is built on relationships. Put a light on this statement.

Like trust kids don’t understand what do you mean by the trust to be true. “hum log inko choti choti examples se batate hai ki what do you mean by the trust as I give you an example of my child woh ek room se dure room mai jane ke liye darti hai because woh room ke lights off hai. So I just assure her that I will keep calling your name toh aap waha pe jaao aap ko ek trust rahega mere par.” so similarly if she going to school the whole management is responsible for building that trust. If the school doesn’t build that then kids will not go to school and if it is created then he knows in school I have my support system and kids should not have any issues. One example of my own child, she had dancing classes and the music was so loud she just got afraid of it so the teacher understood that and she lower down the volume. So this is what is important for building trust. 


The quality of preschool varies considerably what do you think about this.

The quality of preschool is directly proportional to a child’s development. It is really important to know the curriculum of the preschool like what toys are they using, stacking, and stocking. There shouldn’t be any toxic toys. Our main aim is to send the child for development like for overall development, emotional development, everything because in school they not only teach you how to play but also to maintain social relations and also engaging in other environment and there are also new friends who are there for a lifetime.


Any Guidance for parents you wanna give?

Every parent is a perfect parent we cant define them every toddler is different and parents are really doing a great job but one thing I want to suggest them is to let them build their confidence let them choose their toys to let them choose their dresses that are main important and give your time to your kid and the most important thing I feel is my toddler need my time a lot comparing expensive toys or anything. the bond we made doing all the things together is much much stronger. For example, my toddler is scared of strangers so I will ensure that I will not go to that place give them some time to adjust to the scenario. So just give your time much much much.


What activities do you suggest for preschoolers?

First, we need to talk to them about what are they really interested in like the example I brought some puzzles for my daughter she didn’t like it and then I brought her blocks she loved it and she is crazy about animals so any activity related to animals she enjoys a lot. So you first get to know them and then you decide what activities should be there and all.


What is the reason you think a toddler should be there in these activities?

For example, while I cook something I tell her to bring something for me like bring me red tomatoes so this will clear 3 things to bring the verb, red the colour, tomatoes the vegetable so just like that you have to involve them so that they can enjoy also and understand too. Then I use to have a small race with my child to reach from here to there so anyhow she has to reach the finishing point so these can create the problem-solving development in them. From these small things they can learn and also have fun, they can learn how to manage things and do teamwork. 


Any advice you would like to give parents for watching this video.

Again I am going to say that let kids be kids let them explore. If they want to be messy let them be because this childhood is gone gonna come back ever. So let them enjoy it and yes you as a parent don’t show them attitude not use bad words and all. Basically, parents should be role models for kids. So let them choose what they want and afterwards, if it is not correct you can make them understand it

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