Top 10 Exciting Career Options After School

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Neeraja Nande
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Top 10 Exciting Career Options After School

Are you almost done with or are finishing your school soon? There is a wide array of options out there for you to choose from! You can first choose from the three main streams - commerce, arts & science, and furthermore identify what kind of specialization you want to aim at. But are you tired of the few primary vocations like engineering, medicine, architecture & more that everyone seems to be choosing? Then you’re in the right place! Below are the top most exciting career options you can consider opting out for after school: 

Travel & Tourism 

travel and tourism studies

One of the most exciting & booming industries in the world right now is - Travel & Tourism. There are many things you can do in this sector like aiding tourists, becoming a Holiday/ Travel Agent, Travel Executive, Tourism Manager, Airlines/ Ground Staff, Travel Writer & more. If you’re interested in the travel industry, then you should look into getting a degree in the same industry as well. Major specializations in the industry are - Travel and Tourism Management, Tourism Studies & Tour Management. One of the biggest perks of a job like this is getting to see new places, meeting many different kinds of people & exposure to different types of cultures. 

Public Relations 

pr studies

An exciting & relatively lesser known vocation is that of a PR for an agency. PR for agencies usually means handling their public & internal affair communications, to handle the public image of an agency in front of their own employees & the public. Sometimes it could only be that you are hired for just one type of this communication as well. To do this, you’re going to need a commerce background. It is quite a well-paying job & perfect for you if you are a social person and/or an extrovert. You can either take a PR degree for this or do a Mass Communications degree. 

Mass Communications 

mass communications

This is also a vocation that you can pursue after choosing commerce as an option. The world of Mass Communications is quite vast & there is a scope for many things after it like - war journalists, anchors, radio jockeys, photographers, travel journalists, cinematographers, directors, writers, PR & more. Any form of job that has to do with communication comes under this field & is one of the most exciting fields that you can pick up after school. Though your life & pay will depend heavily on the specific field you choose, people often mention that the vocation requires a lot of hard work & is a highly rewarding vocation as well. 

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Here’s a vocation that you might have not thought about which is working with or for the Indian Railways. Did you know that the Indian Railways is the 12th Largest Employer in the world even before the Indian Army? The government is always looking to hire people & there are many exams going on where you could take up becoming a TT, station manager & more. Railway employees also get to travel a lot & you will lead a unique life. 

Service Industry

service industry

An industry that's highly overlooked by most is the service industry i.e. the hospitality/hotel industry. There is so much that can be done in this industry, like - servers, chefs, mixologists, connoisseurs & more. Many of these vocations are also quite misunderstood in India & many see them as a lower form of vocation which is far from the truth. There is a lot of hard work that goes into these jobs & also it requires a lot of training. After a few years of experience, you can also be quite successful & make a good name for yourself. 



One often hears export/import is used as a fake profession in cinema but did you know that it is probably one of the most exciting & rewarding professions? You have to start first by identifying a product that you can sell from your country to another or vice versa. A product that you understand & enjoy like - antiques, spices, paintings, art & more can be items that are exported & imported. After knowing your niche product, you must look for permits & kick-start your own business. 



Off late, there is a lot of scope in the beauty/lifestyle industry. From makeup artists to a trainer, beauty & health gurus are in a lot of demand. Many people are trying to transform themselves, look better & also feel better about themselves. This can also be seen as a luxury & one can charge a lot for their services if they are good at what they do. Definitely a vocation worth looking into! 



Social media has taken the world by storm & many influencers have emerged that are not only influencing but also getting very rich. On platforms like youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & more, many people showcase their life, give advice, and create content that helps them earn a lot of money, while also enjoying their life. Though it may not seem like it, it is a tough job & requires a lot of time & attention. But if you like being the centre of attention, then maybe this job will suit you. 



Looking for something challenging & a high reward-oriented job? Have you thought about becoming a pilot? For this stream, you will have to opt-out of the science stream & study very hard to clear exams. But after training, you can be well paid & also get a chance to travel the world!  



Last but not the least, have you looked into the performative arts like - theatre, cinema, dancing, singing & more? The artistic world is a very attractive place & many people gain a lot of fame & money in it. If you think you have a knack for any performative arts, then you should definitely look into it. 

These were 10 out of the millions & millions of options that one can choose from. These sectors have high demand in the top cities across the world as well. Sometimes the mind gets very cluttered & you find yourself confused. In situations like this, we’d recommend that you look for career guidance after 10th. Not only will they help you choose the right career but also help you clear a lot of doubts & confusion. All the best! 

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