Bond with your teenager: Tips for dads

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Bonding with teenagers

Father-child relationships are one of the best ones there is. Right from the revelation that they are going to be a father to be a beautiful baby to hold their baby for the first time, fathers undergo a huge transition trying to be the best father out there. They browse articles after articles, go through stories and do all in their capacity to learn to foster to their child and give them all the care in this world. There is also a lot of new father advice meted out to the dad to help him pursue the journey of fatherhood and be a strong dad for his child. And in spite of doing all in their capacity, their minds are just clouded with one question- ‘How to be a better father to their child?’

A child, from the instance of born, goes through many different phases and transitions in their journey of growing up as an individual. So does the father, right along with the child. As the child grows and transits from one stage of life to another, so does the father. With the baby in the mother’s womb, the father spends his time caring for the mother and his unborn child. He tends to all the moods of his pregnant wife and spends time with his ear on his womb, trying to make out the unborn child’s movement. When the father holds his child in his arms for the first time, he is finally hit with the happiness of being a father. Looking at the eyes of their newborn, the father promises to himself that he will be a great dad.

Again, as the child gradually grows into an infant there is a lot to look into. He has to wake up with his child when he stays awake crying at night, he has to change diapers and also feed the baby at times. Then again as the child grows up and starts going to school, the father has to make sure that his child is safe outside. He has to be the kid’s friend to play with when all his other friends are busy. Likewise, the father’s role in his child’s life keeps changing as the child enters from one stage to another.

The change that comes along at the teenage is a little difficult to keep up as compared to the previous stages. The relationship between a father and their teenage child experiences many different changes in dimensions. And there’s nothing to blame for that. You are a good father. It’s just that raising teen daughters and sons are never easy anyways. But worry not. Here we are, with all the tips that you need to help you with parenting a teen girl or boy. We hope these tips answer your questions on how to deal with your teenage daughter or son.

Give them time 

Teenage is one of the most complicated stages of one’s life. There is a lot going on for them at the same time and sometimes, that makes them want to shut themselves out. So let them. Don’t pressurize them into talking or spending time with you. They will come around on their own when they feel better, or when they want to talk to you.


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Listen to them

Listen to what your teenage kid has to say. Don’t pressurize them into divulging much, but listen to what they are comfortable saying to you. Listen to what they want you to reciprocate; don’t advise them when they don’t ask you to. They are just looking for someone to listen to them. One once you become that someone, your bond you automatically strengthen.


Be Alert

It is almost impossible to know what a child is going through at all times. But you can definitely master the basic behavioural patterns of your child to make out when they are troubled and when they are ecstatic. Then you can easily find out the right time to communicate with them on different matters.


Show your love

Fathers have a tendency to hide their love for their child and be tough on the outsides, all for their child’s best interest. But that is not helpful when you want your child to look up to you as a friend. Instead, show that you care. Let them know that you love them and are always there for them, no matter what happens.


Be of help

Bonding with teenagers

This is one of the major responsibilities of a father. Let your child know that you will always have their back. You can also start on small tiny activities to subtly let them know that they can always seek your help in matters big or small. Maybe give them a ride to their friend’s house, or help them out with projects. This also allows you to spend them with each other and understand your child better.


Show faith in them

Let your child know that you are supportive of their decisions. Also, remember to teach them to differentiate between the right and wrong decisions. Let them know when they are mature enough to be independent and decide on their own goals. Teach her tricks and tips to become independent. Let them initiate conversations with you on important topics.

So, there you go. You are now all good and ready to experience fatherhood at its best.

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