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Mehnaaz Khan
2 years ago
Benefits of Online Education


The importance of online education in India is ineffable with consideration to our current predicament. The virtual world and technology have come to the rescue since the onset of this pandemic. The pandemic has halted the function of every sector of society and hence everyone has switched to online assistance to handle this disruption caused by this virus. 

Several online education apps assist schools and other educational institutions to continue with their digital classes and curriculum even as the pandemic continues to accelerate. Online education in India stands out to be the safest and most logical solution in today's time.

Online classes

Earlier students, as well as educators and institutions, had always considered online education apps and other digital modes of teaching as auxiliary and less beneficial means but since last year the benefits of online education is more apparent than it has ever been before.

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 It is pretty obvious that the students irrespective of their age and status have adapted themselves to this virtual mode of education but it would be unjust to not speak of the teachers, who have been accustomed to the conventional method of teaching their whole life, arrange and get ready with the entire digital set up to resume the classes online. Getting knowledgeable about apps like Zoom meeting, Google Meet, Google Classroom, etc. can never be easy for people teaching in an actual classroom for decades.

Initially, online education in India received criticisms from many because of the unavailability of proper resources for many students. But education cannot be deterred. So, here are some advantages of online education during Covid-19:

  • Lowers the risk of spreading the virus: Everyone is aware of the fact that social distancing is a must to prevent the spread of this virus. This could have never been possible with offline classes and the condition would have worsened. Online classes may seem tough at times but the fact that it has indirectly saved so many from getting infected cannot be overlooked.
  • Education remains uninterrupted: Students may dislike this mode but they must realize that waking up to an online class is much better than lagging with something that could have been completed years ago. The situation is unpredictable and delaying the classes is a major setback in students' careers.
  • Securing careers in the best possible way right now: This is the first time that our government has permitted the allotment of online degrees. Students are the future of our country and their careers can not be hampered. From orientations, classes, examinations to convocation, everything is being done online for the safety of students' health as well as their careers.

    Online degree
  • Insured the livelihood of so many educators: Many parents complaining about institutions asking for fees should understand that teachers must be paid for online classes too. The lockdown left so many people unemployed and many educators would have faced the same had online classes been not promoted.
  • Children are guided by both parents and teachers: Online classes have provided the parents with the opportunity to monitor their kids while they study in their class. Offline classes somewhat had a gap between the student-teacher-parent relationship. But during online classes, it becomes convenient for the parents to interact with their children regarding their academics in the presence of the teacher.
  • Saves time and energy for both teachers and students: Offline classes were no doubt enjoyable but hectic as well for both students and teachers. By the end of the day, they were left exhausted. Online classes help them by saving their travel and rest time and being conducted in their convenient zone conserves their energy. If properly utilized, everyone dealing with online classes can be more productive than they were during the normal time.
  • Provides time and resources to learn new skills: The pandemic has not only made students switch to online classes for their academics but has also hindered their hobbies and passions. Hobby Tribe, an online platform to learn different hobbies, is a great go-to option for every hobby enthusiast.

    Hobby Tribe
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Learn New Hobbies

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