Developing Analytical Skills in Kids with Mom-Blogger, Sonam Puri

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Developing Analytical Skills in Kids


Analytical skills or the ability to effectively explore, comprehend, solve, decide, etc are a significant aspect of our everyday lives. Everything we do requires this skill even if we don't notice. 


So, to tell us about 'How to develop analytical skills in kids?' We have with us Ms.Sonam Mahajan Puri ( Instagram handle: @mommypuri ). She has been a media educator for more than 12 years, a blogger, and a women's health instructor.


Can you tell us something about yourself and your parenting journey?


Parenting is very beautiful and incredible. You, your lifestyle, and even your priorities change but that doesn't mean that you should stop being yourself. My parenting mantra is 'being someone my daughter looks up to'.


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Why is it important for everyone, especially children, to learn analytical skills?


I think it is important for everyone and not just for kids because in everyday life we will be exposed to certain situations where we will need to analyze our mind and logic and be practical about things. So, you will arrive at beneficial decisions easier if you have good analytical skills and you will know how to use and analyze the information you have.


As everything now is happening online, we need to teach kids how to analyze things and be skillful. Analyzing skill is something that might get overlooked because of this rush in technology and the short span of attention people have nowadays. Therefore, I think developing this skill is very important for kids, of this generation especially.

Analytical skills

What can I do to improve my child's analytical skills?


As a parent, you can do a lot for your child. The first thing is to make sure that the toys and other things that you are providing to the kids are making them think, analyze and visualize. For example, there are stacking toys for kids that have different colors, shapes, etc. This will make them analyze this difference from a young age.

Start interacting with your kids by having conversations, questions, and relating to everything you do together like reading books, watching cartoons, etc. Ask them open-ended questions that will make them think and interact. Playing games like chess, crossword, puzzles are good enough but little things like communication is a basic skill that will make them think and analyze.

Developing analytical skills

How are analytical skills used in everyday life?


Analytical skills help in organizing your days and even life. It will help you in being more pragmatic towards life. So that's a basic skill we should have as human beings. On an everyday basis, analytical skills help you in making decisions and living a hassle-free life. 


Analytical skills in our daily lives


What are the games one should play daily to improve analytical and logical skills?


According to me, board games, stacking toys, card games, monopoly, and toys that require certain skills do wonder because they make kids think, analyze, and sort. I also recommend books because it requires thinking and leads to very important explorations which is a common trait of people with good analytical skills. The books chosen should also be more creative than the usual ones to increase kids' engagement.

Games for analytical skills

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People with analytical minds are considered curious by nature. Would you agree or disagree with this statement?


I would agree with this statement because people who analyze are usually very curious because they are explorers. They want to explore and know more. Such parents can also pass on this quality to their kids which can be beneficial for the kids or the society in the future.


Analytical thinking


What are the good careers for people with high analytical skills?


There are ample opportunities like an accountant, engineer, detective, lawyer, technical writer, business analyst, data analyst, etc. These are people who analyze data and information or look after businesses or how they would make predictions. This only works when the person can analyze the complete situation critically and arrive at a decision. Making a decision also requires doing research, analyzing the data and information, and then finding a solution and communicating it to peers. So, there are many career options for people with high analytical skills because of technology and tradition that demand such skills.

Analytical skills

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