How to Earn Professional Experience while still in School?

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Earning Professional Experience in School


When it comes to jobs and careers, people need to understand that it is much more than just academic endeavors. Society is still stuck with the mentality that 'no degree means no job', which is wrong. The primary purpose of students seeking jobs is to earn financial stability and people are still unaware that besides the certain professions they consider reliable, many skills and jobs require no degree and can help students build a great career.


In today's time, we see so many school-going students working as bloggers, influencers, freelancers, and interns by making full use of any of their skills. It is very important as well as beneficial for students to pursue some hobbies, utilize their skills, and be productive in at least one field besides their academics. How can learning and working on certain skills be beneficial? There are many skills like video editing, designing, content writing, etc that are in demand nowadays.


  • So if you are a school or college student, this is a great way to earn pocket money and incentives.


  • Working on any skill from a young age can give students experience and expertise in it. 


  • Your resume will be stacked with different skills and work experiences to impress any employer.


  • It will assist the students in analyzing their field of interest and work for the same in future.


  • These also instill in students several lifelong qualities like a sense of responsibility, value for time and money, self-dependence, etc that will always help them in the future.


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Students are so bound to the limited career options provided to them that they don't even explore the varieties of skills they have to choose from. Here are some that school students can learn and use to gain experience in a professional setting:


Graphic Designing


Although getting a degree is a formal way of starting in this industry but with short courses or a diploma, one can gain knowledge, work on it, and get experienced in it. From being hired as an intern to being recruited by reputed companies, graphic designers are paid a decent to hefty salary.

Graphic Designer




It is an art and if you possess a blend of technical and artistic insight and are genuinely inclined towards it as a hobby then you can take photography as a career option. Although today there is a rise in the number of photographers, the best ones are still in demand. 



Video production/editing 


Video production and editing is something that demands pure skills and experience. Starting from the bottom, skilled ones usually end up getting hired to work for movies, media, advertising companies, and many more. They are paid depending upon the flexibility and complexity of the job.

Video editor


Content writing 


If you are passionate about writing, then give it a professional touch by taking up content writing. Content writers create to take any venture to a new level. By speaking about what the organization is to put in words its total potential, content writers are so much in need by almost every company.

Content writer




One of the most basic jobs is as a translator. One has to just convert or translate language 'A' to language 'B'. The bare requirement of this profession is an utmost proficiency in both languages. Translators are also hired as proofreaders, editors, interpreters, etc. They not only have career opportunities in India but also abroad.



SEO expertise


Almost every brand, company, and business is available on digital platforms, and to succeed in it they need web traffic and many other niches that require the work of an SEO specialist. They are needed by almost everyone - content writers, web developers, marketing team, etc and are also paid decently.

Seo expert




One of the best ways to earn money for students is to give tuition to their juniors and others in need. If you are well educated in any subject or skill, it is advised to teach them to others. This may not be a long-term professional idea, but is a satisfactory means of earning for students.





If you have a good audience and reach on your social media platforms, then blogging is something you should give a try. Digital influencers, content creators, bloggers, etc with considerable insights are paid for posting content, collaborating with brands and companies, and other PR facets. Blogging is also a great way to use your social media platform to showcase your skills and talents.

Blogger influencer

These skills and professions require minimum to no efforts on academics and degree. They solely enhance the skills and hard work of the students. Taking up these skills and working on them will not only help them in pursuing these as a professional career in the future but also working as interns and freelancers will get students paid adequate incentives and stipends. 


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