Why Toddler’s have tantrums- The science behind it

Chehak Baweja
a month ago
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Your little ones require special attention from you. Therefore, there is a need to understand the reason behind a toddler’s tantrums.     

What is temper tantrum? 

A temper tantrum is an unpleasant or spontaneous outburst of emotions that occurs without any reasonable reasons and these tantrums could be verbal as well as physical. 

Are tantrums common in Toddlers?
Yes, tantrums are common in toddlers, despite having so much to express. They lack words or ways to express their concerns. And this becomes the ultimate cause of tantrums. 

How to locate tantrums?

  • Hunger- Hunger triggers a tantrum in kids. They don’t know how to show their need for food. And as a result, they cry to express their message. 
  • Exhaustion- When the toddlers are tired, sleepy, or have some frustration. Then they tend to become restless and show irritation. And all this leads to tantrums.
  • Sickness- When toddlers or infants are sick, they cannot express their pain or aches. As a result, they start a Ruckus or cry out loud. 
  • Stressful situations- Unlike adults, children also face stressful situations. For instance, a child sleeping alone in the room can suddenly get frightened and may cry out loud. 

What can a parent do? 

A parent should understand their children instead of yelling at them. They must manage their emotions first before reacting to theirs. And should listen to their child’s pleas.   

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