When you are disciplining your children the things a parent should never say

Mayank Jain
11 days ago
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When you are disciplining your children the things a parent should never say

Source: Times of India 

Well we must understand that the brains of the children are like a sponge which soaks everything that they see around themselves. Usually parents are not so confident about their advices which lead them to number of conflicts.

Impact of your words
What you say when they are around or what type of words you use can make a lasting impact on their mind and even on their mental health.

You act like your father and mother
Reminding children’s about someone else isn’t so helpful. Though, comparisons are positive, but at times they could be damaging as well.

You are such a troublemaker
Labelling the behavior of your kids, either positive or negative could hurt your child’s own self-worth.

Wait until your father gets home
It could set an unhealthy family dynamic where you will portray that the other parent is stricter and you cannot punish them.

Why can’t you be nice every time?
If you Praise your child for one task and criticize them for the other won’t help. This would make them feel insulted.

You are irritating me right now 
You shouldn’t be blaming your kids for how you feel. Parents who are mentally strong don’t blame their children for their emotions and mental health.

Don’t argue with me
Giving your children a warning, followed by a consequence will not help in discipline them. All your efforts will be a waste.

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