Tokophobia: The fear of giving birth in women

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Tokophobia: The fear of giving birth in women

Source: Times of India 

Commonly, a pregnant woman feels anxious about labor and birth. They fear childbirth due to the uncertainty of the process and the pain of contractions. 

The fear of childbirth
For some women, the fear of childbirth is overwhelming and it interferes in their daily life. And this fear of childbirth is known as Tokophobia. 

It is a pathological fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Then women who suffer from this fear avoid becoming pregnant or giving birth altogether.

Primary Tokophobia 
It is the fear of childbirth in a woman who has no previous experience of pregnancy. The woman dreads childbirth and tries to delay pregnancy.

Secondary Tokophobia 
Childbirth fears that a woman develops after a traumatic experience in a previous pregnancy. It can also occur after stillbirth, miscarriage, normal delivery, or termination of pregnancy.

Other causes of Tokophobia
The fear of inadequate pain management, traumatizing accounts of childbirth, pre-existing mental health issues like anxiety, depression. 

Sleep disturbances, panic attacks, anxiety, avoidance behaviors, and extreme fear of giving birth.  

Taking professional help at the right time can help a woman to overcome this fear. 

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