Ways to make home safe and natural for children

Pratham Suwal
16 days ago
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Ways to make home safe and natural for children

Source: Times of India

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in our lives. The pandemic and the resultant lockdown have made all parents realize the significance of safety and security every parent finds in their homes. Right now, staying at home is the primary way to remain safe from contracting the virus.

But just like the outer world, homes have been taken over by plastic and are a hotbed of chemicals and toxic substances that are passed by as daily used items. While raising kids, all parents try to keep their home safe and clean but often overlook small little things that are harmful to children, leading to slow damage starting at a very young age.

While food-grade plastic bottles are safe to be used but consistent use of plastic bottles degrades the quality, making it hazardous for children. It's best to replace plastic bottles with natural options like glass or metal feeding bottles. These will help eliminate any toxic or synthetic substances while being durable at the same time. Steel bottles can also be used.

Playtime is important for kids as it helps in developing their motor, cognitive and sensory skills A toy is an object that is thoroughly explored by the child. Thus, the material of the toy should be safe and free from chemicals for the safety of the child. You can use natural toys made from wood, fabric, and clothes to offer a much safer and more enriching experience to children.

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