How parents can help kids in making friends

Pratham Suwal
23 days ago
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How parents can help kids in making friends

Source: Times of India

When it comes to making friends, children are either great at it or face a lot of difficulties. Given their unpolished social skills and their raw approach towards life, they can lag in making friends. That's when parents need to indulge and help them up to their game. That said, here are some ways you can help your kids make great friends.

Some children struggle with social interactions and become awkward in front of strangers. They may either behave strangely or may avoid communication with people they're not well-acquainted with, which makes it all the harder for them to make friends. Therefore, parents must help their children in managing their social anxiety, either by teaching them different coping mechanisms or by improving their problem-solving abilities.

The best way to help children in making friends is by inculcating kindness and compassion in them. If they're equipped with an understanding of forgiveness and are taught to help people, they will always be surrounded by supportive people. However, make them smart enough to see through people and differentiate between what is right and wrong for them.

Children may struggle in communicating their feelings and emotions to other people. While friendship is all about conversations, parents must encourage their children to communicate more and indulge in social interactions. Ask them to express and teach them basic tips and tricks to start a conversation.

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