Postpartum Depression Amidst COVID-19

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Source: Times of India

Gynaecologists and mental health experts acknowledge that there is a rise in postpartum depression cases in their clinics during COVID.

Risk Factors:

• A depressing or stressful life event during pregnancy or post-pregnancy,
• Family history of mental sickness,
• Mixed feeling about the pregnancy
• Alcohol or Drug addiction problems
• Medical Complications
• Lack of emotional support from others
• Traumatic delivery or medical complications 

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Reasons behind increased cases of postpartum depression during this pandemic:

• Negative surroundings due to unexpected COVID-19 like constant negative news.
• Feeling exhausted due to workload.
• Lack of emotional support in a nuclear family.
• Lack of proper and sound sleep.
• Different kinds of fears.

So, if you are facing any of these in the current situation you should directly consult your doctor. Above all, it's actually time to be concerned about mental health. Try getting adequate sleep, talking to loved ones, hydrating yourself and eating a protein-rich diet.

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