Ways parents can support a child with learning disabilities

Pratham Suwal
24 days ago
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Ways parents can support a child with learning disabilities

Source: Times of India

Some children may suffer from specific disabilities or have conditions that affect learning, thinking skills, such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder), Dyslexia, or other forms of disorders.

Parenting a child with a learning disability can be hard too. However, as a parent, your role is not to "cure" the problem at hand, but to provide kids ample support, love, and encouragement to work through hurdles, become resilient, and most importantly, realize their true worth, when they encounter trouble doing 'normal' things for their age.

Kids who suffer from some forms of learning disabilities may often require extra time to complete academic work, or sometimes, even basic tasks. It can also get incredibly time-consuming for kids as well as parents. 

Learning disabilities aren't the end of life. Given that the child may be weaker, or find it difficult to study, remember that they too need love and praise. Celebrate their small wins, and encourage their individualism and self-worth. Positive reinforcement and love can help them see the good even when things seem tough.

The most important thing that any child would need is love and positivity. Treat them as individuals and appreciate their other positive qualities. Love and support go a long way in 'normalizing' things for them. Do not compare them with other children. Allow them to grow at their own pace.

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