Supporting online homeschooling in the Covid-19 pandemic

Mayank Jain
a month ago
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Supporting online homeschooling in the Covid-19 pandemic

Source: The Conversation

When classrooms went online due to COVID-19, this marked not only a major transformation in kindergarten to Grade 12 education but a shift in parents’ involvement in their children’s education. Schools communicated primarily online via email and social media or sometimes through phone to keep in touch with parents, and every family had to determine to what extent supporting remote learning was possible.

Students are increasingly likely to become engaged in online or hybrid (both in-class and online) learning, and this is not only due to the pandemic — there has been a rise of online learning in school systems. Parent involvement supports students when students are engaged in hybrid and fully online educational environments.

Online learners who are still building their self-regulation skills may need additional parental support. Parent involvement motivates students through encouragement and support, is effective in enhancing student skills. Through informal learning opportunities, parents can help students to develop skills and deepen their understandings of concepts explored in class.

By motivating students, encouraging their self-regulation, helping them to organize the home learning environment, maintaining home-school communication, and offering instructional support, parent involvement has the potential to positively influence the learning outcomes and success of students both in-class and online this fall.

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