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17 days ago
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Source: India Today

Anand Kumar, founder of Super 30 says about how important it is for the students to stay positive during the pandemic. He is impressed by the Centre’s decision of launching TV channels based on education to keep the students engaged.
‘Mathematics for fun’- an initiative by Anand Kumar. He launched this initiative on twitter as a means to connect with children. He said, “I gave one interesting problem and asked students to send their answers. The response was overwhelming, something I had not imagined. Not only students but math lovers from across the world started interacting with me”, he also added, “It turned out to be a learning experience for me as well. That was a big confidence booster. From the next day, it became a part of my routine. I post math problems for the students and wait for their replies”.

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In a book compiled by two alumni of Brunel University London, he shared his opinion on the Covid-19 crisis and the impact it has on the students. 

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