COVID-19 Affects The Finances Of Schools And Teachers

Kajori Biswas
a year ago
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Source: Hindustan Times

A recent study by the Central Square Foundation reported that COVID-19 has affected the teachers as well as schools. Many teachers are not getting their full salaries and due to non-payment of fees and closing of schools, a lot of impact on the revenue of schools with low-fees has been faced.

The report stated, "None of the private schools reported that they collected fees during the lockdown, but around 25% parents report paying fees. Fee collection cycles in private schools depend on the start and end of the school academic year; parents often wait until March-April i.e. till the end-of-year examinations – to pay the academic year's dues". It also said, "Nearly 50% of teachers didn't receive their salary for March despite schools closing only in mid-March. Less than 20% of teachers from private schools continued to receive their salaries after March. A few teachers in Telangana have found other means to earn their wages in the interim, including agricultural work, enrolling in MNREGA programs, and manual labor”.

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Many states have instructed schools during the lockdown, to stop taking fees while some have allowed taking the tuition fee only. The survey covered many Indian states like Delhi, Bihar, etc., and they spoke to parents as well. 

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