Help your kids to take responsibility for their actions

Nidhi Jain
a month ago
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Kids blaming others for their mistakes


One of the most important jobs of a parent is to make sure that the kid takes responsibility for his/her own actions, even if it's wrong. 
A few common phrases used by kids to save themselves from trouble are, "he did it" and "it's not my fault". It's human nature, that no one wants to be wrong and no one wants to be in trouble.

Here are a few ways that a parent should follow:

• Do not always believe them and blame the other person, hold them accountable for their mistakes.
• Observe your child's action and politely remind them when they fail to take responsibility for their actions.
• Help them learn how to solve their own problems, and ask questions when they face any trouble.
• Let them know self-pity is not an option when they commit any mistake.
• Do not defend them even after knowing that they are responsible.

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