Work from Home has Disrupted Mothers Work Life Balance

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2 months ago
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Work from Home has Disrupted Mothers Work Life Balance

Source: The Indian Express

The life of a working mother is not easy, and juggling home and work responsibilities keeps them on their toes. Despite that, many are able to manage both and excel.


The equation, however, has changed completely after the Covid-19 outbreak. The pandemic-induced lockdown has paved the way for work-from-home (WFH), which was initially touted as an ideal solution for those finding work-life balance, especially for working mothers, for they could give more time to their kids and home. It, however, became a daunting task to manage the burden of daily chores, 24×7 caregiving, and balancing professional life for a lot of working women.


Here’s how WFH has impacted the lives of working women.
1.    More responsibilities, more challenges: Working mothers don’t just have professional responsibilities; they are also invested in caregiving. Due to the pandemic, schools have gone online and it has only made things difficult for children. 
2.    Impact on physical/mental health: Work-from-home has only upended a working woman’s work-life balance, affecting her physical and mental health.
3.    Effect on current and long-term career prospects: For working mothers dealing with long hours of work coupled with home duties have only made things tough for women aiming for bigger roles and better opportunities in their careers.
4.    No time for rest: Not just work and kids, women are usually involved in most of the household work, too, in the absence of domestic help due to the pandemic.


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