Is Child suffering from Dehydration?

Mayank Jain
21 days ago
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Is Child suffering from Dehydration?

Source: The Indian Express

Dehydration is caused when there is not enough water in the body. In children, it is usually caused by vomiting, diarrhea, or even both in some cases. Lack of drinking water due to a sore throat or hyper-activity, and warm weather are also the causes of dehydration among toddlers or small children.


Besides viral fevers that cause vomiting and diarrhea, serious bacterial infections too badly affect the ability to drink and eat. The hot temperature causes sweating, excessive urination due to unnoticed or improperly treated diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus.


Dry lips or sticky mouth, lack of tears or no tears while crying, sunken eyes, soft spots on top of the head, less peeing or fewer wet diapers, crankiness, drowsiness or dizziness are the symptoms causing dehydration within children.


The level of treatment for dehydration depends on how severe the causes are. In case of mild dehydration extra doses of liquids or rehydration solution daily would also help to recover. 


Children can keep to their regular diet, unless a doctor recommends any changes, while children with serious causes of dehydration may need proper treatment under the doctor’s consultation. Avoid giving sports drinks, soda, or full-strength juice.


Giving extra fluids or oral rehydration is a solution, especially when the child is vomiting. Parents need to see whether their child is drinking often during hot weather. 


The ones who are indulged more in sports or any other physical activity should regularly drink extra fluid beforehand, with regular drink breaks during their activity. 

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