Proper nutrition for children is a must

Trupti Bagde
15 days ago
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Proper nutrition for children is a must


Proper nutrition & a positive relationship with food from early childhood is conducive for the growth & development of your child. It reduces health issues & sets the foundation for a healthy adult life too.


It is also very important to understand that your child’s nutritional requirements get specific as they grow older & depend on factors like - age, gender, home environment, health issues (if any) & so on. 


While as parents, you always strive to give your child healthy & nutritious meals; sometimes expert guidance from a nutritionist may be required too. Personalized meal plans for your child can become particularly important in cases such as:


  • Childhood obesity 
    Excess weight at a young age can lead to multiple health issues. In such cases, food options with fewer calories but with all the essential nutrients are required.
  • Food allergies/Intolerances  
    In case of any allergies (e.g nut allergies) OR intolerances (e.g gluten/lactose); suitable substitutes to such essential nutrients are needed so that the growth of the child is not hindered
  • For Balanced diet  
    Did you know - boys above 10 years need more iron OR girls require fewer calories as they grow older. A personalized meal plan considers these factors & provides the right food combinations 
  • Health issues (e.g ADHD/Diabetes)  
    A personalized meal plan includes the vital nutrients required to reduce the negative effects of the health issues


Do you have any concerns about your child’s nutrition? We are here to help! Book a FREE SESSION with an expert nutritionist at & get all the answers!

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